Friday, June 09, 2017

moon weaver

like a tale of two paramours
one weaves an invisible bond
an ability
to tie up something within
without him-self being present

random posts:
declaration of longingness,
throbbing with hidden meanings.
how could he sense each other's feelings?
sharing the same
suffering and endearment.

what do you have in mind?
a fading image that gets across the state of pain
a never ending soundtrack
a forbidden love: in the darkest ocean
of your social media app

Who is it?
going through their worldly urges
of wanting to “hand [themselves] over”
never clarify if he goes on with his urges
and becomes romantically entangled with him
then confess his sin
only to die later but not before declaring
that he loves him better

two moons in two different worlds
too isolated by just creasing a fold

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lea Salonga with the BYU Chamber Orchestra

Now it is clear to me why she was considered as one of the world's finest---having the powerful voice and "perfect pitch".

Way beyond that, what makes her deserve the Tony Awards and what makes the world got captivated is the way she sings, as if she has a very crucial message to tell and one ought to listen to her story.

She wants you to feel the pain, the sorrow and the wonders of how human should live. All of her performances made me hop from one musical/broadway/stage production to another. From Cats, West Side Story, Miss Saigon, Disney OSTs to Les Misérables. It was one of those nights that I can tell to myself: "i am having the BEST night of my life"

Truly, it was a musical treat.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

I'm quite struck on how Alyssa Valdez accepted their defeat on her final play for UAAP.

Was comforted with her thought that it's not about winning all the time, it's about being passionate of what u really love doing and giving your best shot.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Saturday, November 15, 2014

indo malay food trip!

Generally, one of the signature experiences in visiting a foreign country is their food and how they prepare it. most food stalls that we went to in KL are their street diners and at times, in their usual mall restaurants. Through research, the Malaysian peninsula consists of 3 main races, Malay, Chinese and Indians.

In our 4 day stay, we tried their selamak in Old Town white coffee which also serves their recommended milk tea then we went to an Indian restaurant near pavilion which mainly serves hot and spicy dishes which also serves rose petal milk to subdue the spice. Then we also went to their little china town for their stir fried Chinese style squid and beef stew. Finally, we also tried an Indonesian restaurant and had a taste of their local dish.

'twas definitely a diffrent kind of food trip for us!

Saturday, November 01, 2014

two kinda broke, kinda drunk, kinda gurlz

Halloween afterhours at inferno supah club and today x future with maxie bella

Friday, October 17, 2014

and then you wrote:

"i don't feel anything special about you anymore."

Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Just recently, it's almost every day that i ride the mrt from qc since the day i was assigned in mckinley. unlike before, i usually ride the mrt only during weekends ---and not during rush hours. now i realized how hard it is for those who need to commute during these times. but one thing that i like riding the mrt is the randomness of your co passengers. and i admit i really like it when i chance to ride beside a cute guy.

all of us has this "my type" kind of guy - earlier he happened to be right beside me. i was listening to jlo's "first love" when i noticed he is fixing his hair on the glass window. in my head, i wanna say: "lemme fix that for you". he was smiling and saying something and i thought he was responding to the voices inside my head, i took off my earphone and he is actually talking to his colleague on his other side. i really like his eyes (which is my weakness), his side burns and a subtle waft of his underarm deo while he is toying with his hair.

i could melt right there and then. i could only wish we were commuting sweethearts who are heading to our respective offices in makati together, having an early morning chat while ignoring the pressing crowd inside the train. but he is a station further and as soon as the sliding doors opened where i need to exit, my wishful thoughts snap off. i did my final glimpse of him and in my head i could only say: "goodbye babe, hope to see you again."

Monday, September 01, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


in your embrace
I could only watch the moon
staring at us
Far away
-from its lonely sky
I could only feel your breathing,
Your skin against mine

If only
I could see ourselves together
If only
I could borrow the moon's eyes
Just for some time
and see myself
where I want myself to be


Saturday, June 07, 2014

a night at 1335mabini

Had an awesome night last night. It's been a while since I submerged myself into the art scene. With 3 floors worth of paintings, photographs, minute coral like pieces, video installation and performance art, 1335Mabini is the place to be for some sighing reflections and self redemption.

Photo by Ali Aldaba

Friday, June 06, 2014


One thing I love about cine adarna, is that it's almost entirely empty on a hush hush weekday screenings. Its like watching in a cinema all by yourself.

This film brought me to a series of sensual reverie. Jean-jacques Annaud keeps the passion & eroticism in full force. It never fails to flash the big screen with artistic shots and little surprises if you are a keen observer. Plus, there's a smooth succession of scenes from one event to another. I am fully impressed.

moreover, jeanne moreau voice over has this magnitude of attending a poetry reading session that leads me wanting to read Marguerite Duras' novel which this film based from.

The ending brought me to tears and swelling lungs just like that moment when you are panting and trying to catch your breath after an orgasm.

It made my day for it seems to be a very long time since I had a good one.

It's something that I'm wanting to do so badly. Most of these kind of events are scheduled 2nd half of the day, which my work sched also falls. Since I'm on a preventive suspension due to an upcoming case in the office I have this chance of going out--- escaping from the stench of corporate world and reinstate myself to the universe that I once found myself revolving: under the acacia trees, having coffee and ice cream. being alone inside a movie house, jog while seeing the sun sets and immerse myself with the things I love doing.


Thursday, June 05, 2014


There is this one conversation that I could still remember. A constant reminder that when we are feeling down and troubled, there are other people who are suffering much worse than we are. Specially the patients and their family in PGH or any public hospital around which are more down and troubled than we do, people who are in their worst case scenario. So we should still be grateful and feel lucky.

above all, please don't be weary, there is hope.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Locked up

I think everyone of us has a miserable lady inside,
but we keep her shut all these times.

Friday, May 23, 2014

suddenly and most of the time, i miss you

photo by Chai Fonacier, during our fuck you world summit last december 2013

I miss our late night talks

late night movies when we had your whole sala for ourselves
I miss us crying while Claudine is also crying over aga muhlach
The way u read my blog in the past and then comment on it
as if we’re not gonna see each other almost everyday

I miss ur texts saying: “padung na ko”
if all we know, naa pa ka sa kwarto, nanudlay ka pa sa imong buhok
I miss u

How I wish I can see u again this june, when im going back to cebu to attend mecca’s wedding
Before it was ur wedding with thomas
i can still remember it
‘twas in august

It’s for forever

Monday, May 19, 2014

at the distillery

missing you is like
plunging into a dark wine
nothing can be seen but
to feel the purity and rawness
of the intricacies of our endeavors
giving blood
to a mud
creating thousands of caricatures
of our stories that were left behind
and never ending
always forgetting
the design of my mouth saying:
i must have you, you must have me
sealing it with
perpetual expectancy
drunken with the time and space between
so let it seep in
let me sit
and talk with it
revel on things that makes me ponder
on the idea of forever
make love with the bottle that
rejects the limitation of it
and make a vow never to take
the entirety of emptiness
as space allows for reflections,
in time,
there is refinement.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

my mamu and i

unlike Papa, you are very patient and understanding. quite emotional though, so i think namana na nako tanan sa imoha. you are the one who is quick to encourage and give her moral support. you're the one who always say:

"kaya ra na, padayon lang"

Thanks Ma for keeping ur faith in God and in our family. i know u always wish the best for me, and most of all thanks for making me ur Ășnica hija.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

(un)holy week 2014

i can hear the motorboat roaring when it started to dawn on me, i'm going to puerto galera again this holy week. if in cebu, it has to be sta fe, specifically in sugar beach, while here in puerto galera, it has to be

the white beach

it is my 4th year in a row since 2011 when it's my first time to spend summer here in manila. going to white beach puerto galera has become an annual tradition for me as well, it's like a "panata" which i jokingly kid with my friends that i usually get crucified in a more different way.

this is the isolated portion of the white beach, this is the spot where me and russ spent time star gazing last year, some called this the jurasic park, while allan call this: Bona Station.
i don't know why i consider going to a sought after beach during the holy week as a penance (long ride, traffic, mob, seat shortage) that we have to go through for this looong weekend as one can always do staycation let say in shangrila or sofitel as the rates are similar compared to the resorts along the beachfront specially during the super peak season. but i think what drive most people to the beach is the crowd itself. especially for those who work out their bodies to flaunt, not just to the nature but to other people to see. i dunno what do you call that, is it a sort of a seasonal exhibitionist?
with my mareh, allan, it's his first time to set foot in puerto galera. 
as i noticed in my previous post, i'm so eager about discovering the island, what's new, what's going on. what to expect and what "i have to" experience. this time, it's about just going back to a usual rest house, a home away from home, like going back to a lost aunt's beach house, hiding while the summer sun scorch the city.

with the usual crowd. although nothing beats a spot where u can have the whole beach by yourself.
my first two years was spent with my dulce vitas: JM, Sherwin, Ralph and Ian. when mostly we go gaga with the boys of summer then just simply flirt with them, and just like alchohol you just had a hangover and then simply get over with it the next day. on my 3rd year, it's the time when i'm with russ that i started to wish i'm on a date and have a romantic getaway. i even dated a guy for a night and miraculously, nothing sexual happened to us. then this year, yes, i've dated some guys and had romantic moments by the beach. i even had a sort of long distance relationship with a guy from cavite, and as usual it ended naturally in due course.

..the girl from ipanema este puerto galera

in puerto galera during holy week is not suitable for gay couples as the temptation of being with other hot guys is way too much. so i enjoy celebrating my blissful singleness in this island. if february 14 is like single awareness day that can be miserable for some meanwhile holy week in puerto is like xmas for singles like me. lol

tristeza, the big sadness the heart feels, let it leave mine forever..
one thing i also noticed is that most of the crew here in PG are also becoming long time no see friends. i mean most of the tourists come and go but there are some people who you constantly see there every year become your friends. there was even this guy (who works in one of the bars along the beach) whom i keep on eyeing last time i went to puerto while he's playing volleyball and was surprized he approached me after their game, we introduce eachother, change numbers and everytime we see eachother here in puerto galera, we become instant sorta kinda sweethearts. ahaha. another long story.

na anne curtis ako, di talaga biro maging dyesebel!

every year here in puerto galera is memorable if it's not remarkable. there's just too much details to tell as everyday in this dedonistic beach has its own revelation. every year, different happenings, different stories. and here's my latest memorabilia: stings from box jellyfish. aguy!

Friday, April 11, 2014

reach for the sky painted ceiling

one of the recurring childhood mannerism i still got is that every time i see a pool of water, i usually extend my arms and see my hands seemingly touching the sky. i always love finding myself doing it, even if it's on a murky pond left after a rain on one of the street potholes, it's giving me this natural high brought by the surreality of touching the sky or the clouds floating by.

recently, i've seen a different kind of sky.

i really thought that the whole Macau was claimed to be the "city of dreams", but it was only portion of it specifically the Cotai strip

of which we are able to drop by on one of the known spots: the Venetian hotel. im not dreaming of visiting Venice, i even have a hard time pronouncing it if it is veneez or venes? but few of the things that interest me is the idea that it's a sinking city and the advents of the gondolas.

in the venetian hotel, i was impressed with how they mimic some of the streets in Venice, the grand canals and pulling it off with a gondola and the singing gondolier. it's just funny as most tourist and even us make a wishing well out of the great canal as the water is so clear as oppose to (based on my readings) the smelly greenish colour straight from the lagoon or sewers. but one thing that mesmerized me is the painted sky as it so huge and can only imagine the efforts of completing such a gigantic task in the name of "business". i'm not so sure if i can still consider it as an art as it targets tourist and tourists would go there to shop, dine, stay and gamble. i dunno if some would go there to reflect and attain a higher level of experience with the structures. but most of us visitors are there to spend. so the whole thing (interiors, architectures, etc) boils down to one thing: profit.

erasing that reality and try to romanticize with the thought of a "dreamy" and "fancy" sojourn, we just walk under this sky on a painted ceiling, hopping from casino to smoke, then inside the mall to have coffee and towards their restaurants to eat. erasing the notion that every leap is equal to possible spending, my adult self keeps on calculating the profits and how much would i earn if i applied here. again erase erase erase. i'm here as a tourist and should be childlike to think that the clouds above are kinda moving and can actually be reached.

then again, who am i fooling?

oreo enter tryst

Billboard in Central Hong Kong. Giving me a glimpse of how hot locals can be.

it might be because i'm not aware of the places where gay people usually hang out as it seems that to all places i went to in hk, gay scene is not that rampant. i haven't seen any gay or lesbian couple holding hands or smooching somewhere anywhere. i went to the time square, chai wan, to victoria park, peking road, mtr stations but none (unlike in manila specially in cubao or in malate)

but once, i spotted a couple---two giddy strangers who just had their first meeting on a hidden bench under the canal road flyover. other than that, i could only pass by cute guys looking at me and once i glimpse back with that marina abramovic‘s the artist is present stare, they sort of mutter something under their breath like: "sorry Buddha"

although having a date is not a priority but it doesn't hurt to be excited who i can possibly meet around the city. A spur of the moment big time sensuality! A hope to experience a happy version of Wong Kar-wai’s “happy together”! curious who are the queer people around, I logged into a gay social site and i got instant invites, but to my surprise the gay folks around are actually not locals but Caucasians who are here for a business trip and tourist from other countries. among the bombarding msges i got this top 3 potentials:

*since im in the land of Chinese empire, i want to meet a local, and here's this cute part chinese part british guy who's inviting me for a drink in a bar inside hyatt hotel, which is too far from our hotel and his msges and presence on that dating site is intermittent, and i cannot afford lounging in that bar and waste my money for a whiskey on a rock let alone looking stupid for waiting for someone who won’t pop up. so i have to crush him down on my list,

*there's this filipino guy whose pictures online is so hot. but my idea is to meet him on a date. never i knew he's actually too loud in person. i mean i love loud persons as most of my friends are, but he's too way over the top. although he's sweet as brought some mrs fields cup cake and gong cha milk tea, i manage to let him in and talk (which is too much, so full of himself.. ahaha), but i have to send him out afterwards.

*then there's this caucasian guy (among many others) who is finally my type. tall, young and able. he even wish to make love and have 3 rounds of sex. like what?! i was even swooning with the idea that i'll be like Coco---the character in Wei Hui's Shanghai Baby who end up having an affair with a german expat. but too bad, as our sched didn't meet. his trip going to hk is the same day that im leaving to macau. then the moment i have to go back to hong kong, he's on a business meeting and the moment he's done with it, that's the time i'm leaving back to the Philippines.

sighers. surmise to say that this trip is more of a spiritual journey than physical. to think this county is a metropolitan. my luck on this might turn around when i go to more spiritual places such as cambodia or thailand. hmmn, it's giving me an idea where to book next. Hmpf!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Off the beaten path in Tai Pa village

It's quite heart warming when a week ago I just virtually touring the nook and cranny of hk and macau, then here I am, stepping my feet on those roads. Be a part and sipped into the "real" picture that once, can only be seen on my flat screen.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

why go anyweher else but here?

photo taken by Allan Ayuste Ramos

almost entirely

If Causeway bay HK is like Cubao, Peking road is BGC, while Taipa Macau is like maginhawa street in QC.

So laid back and so relaxing. Before I get sleepy, let's have go and have a cuppa coffee.

i first saw this coffee shop while inside a shuttle from the Macau pier on our way to the hotel. it is one of those spot, let say in a movie or on a page of a magazine? that you caught yourself muttering something  under your breath like "i'm gonna be there!".

it's relatively small yet quiant compared to coffee shops that i passed by in hk. one thing that attracts me to this place is that it has this notion of it's the only coffee shop in town yet the locals are not crazy about this place at all. it makes me imagine of a lost cabin in the woods and i'm the only person who can actually see it. The moment i get in, it seems that the shop was opened just for myself, the whole place was almost entirely abandoned other than the cashier (who also brew the coffee and serve the pastries) and maybe some cats or rats hiding somewhere, taking the afternoon nap.

this is where i was completely at tuned with myself. it is my 3rd day of "being abroad" and it's my first time to let off some steam from all the chaos, lost in translation, money changers and all those uncertainties from unknown territories. i think it's a misnomer that if you're on a vacation to a foreign place, it's nothing but bed of roses. well, hell no! it wasn't the case.

i can only visualize all the obstacles, challenges and havocs of this trip as sugar cubes melting into the coffee, together with the bitter sweet memories of the past, i sip it all in.

finally, after seemingly a very long long time, i was able to breathe.

instead of throwing a party, with all the tasks of preparing food and drinks and entertaining guests for my 29th birthday, here i am, having a simple day inside a small coffee shop. having coffee, nibbling on a portuguese egg tart and rereading a murakami.

this framed cat portrait inside their loo reminds me of Chai, who among my core friends, greeted me first thing in the morning, sending her love from Cebu to the network providers here in this quite town. this picture sort of sending me a message as well.

so i let the day passed by.
almost entirely doing nothing.
i just opened my eyes,
and look straight ahead.

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