Tuesday, May 17, 2005

art beyond lust!

got to visit this web page!
wonderfully crafted photography..
for nude portrait and all..
art beyond lust..

"Apart from being oh-so-nice to look at, Dylan's pictures are infused with an emotional intensity, that is real, and pure. The images draw you in tenderly and comfortably and you can stare at them forever. They beautifully articulate the male form without embellishment or distraction. These are the nude pictures you'd hang in your main hall which your granny would approve of, and subsequently drool at.
Dylan was very fun to correspond with and we appreciate his taking his precious time out in answering all our questions at length."

from: < www.queerclick.com>

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Monday, May 16, 2005



one of my friend..
a true one, i must say..
i find her beyond compare..

dancer in the dark,

and raging..
always a flowing current..
yet mysterious.

i suppose..

a blabber mouth as she is..
her mind speak fast than her tongue,
her pen always kiss the parchment,
and she always wonder..

a hopeless case
yet a dreamer..

crimson light inundated her soul.

..and that keeps her moving
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tabok sa dalan

photo courtesy from:

tabok sa dalan..
primero dos..
UP masscom..
hail to the 2nd batch..

a new cobblestone for cebuano ingenuity..
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come on!

*we're in our 6th session
(Bright Academy SummerArtWorkshop)

*im still surviving =)

*I choose to LIVE to WORK than otherwise..

*update my blog

Sunday, May 15, 2005

star mart express

*proceed to star mart after the head banging in the concert..
*formalities with james' circle of friends..
*celebrate the anniversary of my phone, "AKONI" with a pineapple juice.. hehehe..
the same place where i celebrate the dawn of my 20th birthday
*sleepy headed.. the 5 of us (chai, russ, j, ian and me)
gone separate ways..
*but ian and i check in to city view to spend the rest of the night..

Saturday, May 14, 2005

MTv Hits Cebu

MTv Hits Cebu
Such a BLAST!

featured bands:


aaaaah!!!! Im overload!!!!
it rocks!


*watch the INcredibles @ Vera's place
---i should have watched it in the cinema (even w/o nikko)

*got a great call with JayM.

*meet Ian, the one i met at Jade Court and make him my date for the night

*salo2 at Mc Do (with J, James, Russ, Chai, +Vera, and +Yen)

*saw nikko's look alike, the one i made a poem for..
my ultimate crush.. and he noticed me in the midst of the crowd..
at last!!!


Thursday, May 12, 2005

could i..

a talk with ms. Xsty (regarding to my portfolio: apprenticeship)

Gone to Ayala, chill off..

I saw an ultimate crush..
the blabbering chubby cutie..

I entered Jollibee for him.. and oblige to order something just to be
near him..
i got a strawberry sundae from it..
he looks really like Nikko..
cute, chubby and all...

but he just make his own way..

seated through a glass wall,
i started to make a poem..

.. and it just like
a blabbering mouth.
talking, speaking to himself
transfixed with the sight,
i just felt incredibly light..

could i ever talk to you
or just simply say "hi"

uh..uh.. not a slim chance

for you simply passed me by
and slip away from my eye
speaking to yourself..

could i just have a long deep sigh?

red pursed lips,
bloomed into a frustrated smile.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

this day

  • gOT my C.A.
  • im totally worn out (from the workshop)
  • Mei treat me with a milk chocolate lollipop

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


got screaming voices in my head!
just like what chai and russ experienced
and its cracking my head up!
sleep seems to be impossible!
silly voices,
stupid thoughts..

better grab a pen and jot this craziness into my pad..

those silly thoughts might be drowned by the ink.

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

VH1 "Save the Music"

Watch it on MTv

featured artists:

Joss Stone
John Legend
Rob Thomas
Donna Summers
Alicia Keys
Josh Groban

'twas nice..
it serves it purpose..
the closing..

Mariah: I'll be there..

it reminds me of the Bo's Cofi guy..
i wonder..
how is he?

Friday, May 06, 2005

Bandit Clock

I got my 1st punch card!
and it's my first time to use a bandit clock!
happy kaau ko!

@ orange brutos
talk mi ni Mei, my assistant facilitator..
talk and ol..
her bf, martin, eat with us..
such a great bonding over a cheezy pandesal from S.cottage
and a hot choco!

Thursday, May 05, 2005


  • drag a shellane tank (never bought a new one since the last 5th month)
  • munch biko with taho---its been long since i've tasted this pair
  • read Jenna Jameson's "How to Make Love like a Porn Star" @ National Bookstore.
  • Have a splash @ the Sports Center Swimming pool..i saw Brian in red body hugger.. and it bleeds me to death to see him in a distance..
how i yearn to call him and be near him---but can't..
do the breast stroke.. can;t help myself but cry in the pool.. my googles blur--weren't filled with the pool's water but tears from my crying eyes..


such a special day.
as Vera text it early morning...

" morning. today s 05-05-05
smthing special myt happen."


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

one down, 11 days more to go

It's my first session with the Summer Art Workshop
at Bright Academy as a facilitator..
and im welcomed with screaming kids!
some were pure American, some were half, there were also mongrels
a korean and bunch of our fellow countrykids!
i got two classes to handle..
art and painting level 1 and level 2
it was damn exciting, ardous and fun!
i love to be loved by them..
their pleas and their charm!
though many of them were brats
but they melt as we have our group hug every after major activity..

one down.. 11 days more to go
for sure i'll be able to survive in this scenario.

last say

i feel timid to txt brian again
though, i want him to be my companion for the MTv Hits Cebu concert
it just that our conncetion became frail..
i planned to txt him or call him and say something..

but i guess the only thing i could say to brian is this:
you deserve someone better

he does.
for it seems he so good to be true not for me
but for somebody elses..
he seems to be an ideal boyfriend
or sex material whatever..
'basta, he's just damn nice..

but not for me..
i know i like somebody else
and someone that is cute, chubby and consumable..
=) lololololol!!

but anyway..
im back to zero..
good luck to me.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

im done

after he show me some fake motives..
after he told me he likes me even at first glance..
after he sent all the sweet nothings via text sms..
after he finally confess he has a boyfriend..
after he explains everything..
after he still want me as his pal..
after all the bluffs!
to hell with him!

im done with the Harvard Guy..

get out of my life you sucker!

Monday, May 02, 2005


its past midnight..
just right after im done updating my blog.
such relief filling it out on this screen.

the road is empty aside from the streetlight that flooded the sidewalks.
waiting for a jeepney to ride.
then something pass me by..
a black toyota altis.
it stop a few meters from where im standing..

thanx! i got a hitch!

and not just that..
there's two beefy guy inside and they have this "smile"
damn! this a total package!
we have this formality and all, chat while we're heading somewhere..
then we stop over at jade court somewhere in the eastern part of the town.

and we groove..

I have this first times:
four hands caressing me..
two tongues exploring me..
and two pricks to work with..

shit! it was damn ecstatic!
i could see myself in the mirror wall inside the poshy drive thru motel..
and it bet the hell out of me..
it's beyond my sexual halucination!
i even have this pineapple juice licking!
argh! can't stop moaning with pleasure! the peak!
and we subside with simultaneous panting..

as token of appreciation,
i gave them massage.. and i got a sudden business connection with them..
they might need a "home service".. (e.g. with extra servives)
and the one that im so horny with gave me a soothing massage
and a choking hug.. i guess we somekinda like eachother..

nywy, that ended me few sleep for the day..
it drains me much i need to retire for days
for me to recharge.

come out!!!


got this web page from russ and somebody refer it to him..
such nice stories for those denial kings and closet queens..
better be real..
or forever you'll be damned!



there's nothing to lose but your chains of internal burden!

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wanna be a part of it! gogoggogo!
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highlight in April

sandy brief.. meshed hair.. burned skin. summer did make a great intro with me.. toxified with malt and nicotine i was mortified with the expense of my skin maybe the travel with russ brought me into new highlights.. with my summer life and of course my new found gay life. it was about 2pm when the sun doesn't bite too much anymore when i came out from the shade of a baby palmtree.. the beach is sugary and the sea is blinding. i put on my goggles and dip into the blues now, i am in my territory.. such a life.. trough the anti fog lens, i saw "sari-sari" sari-saring underwears, sari-saring body and sari-saring bloated faces hehehe.. how i wish i held a water cam with me.. =) plus the gurgling sound of the waves teasing me to nuts for it tickle my earlobes. the open beach became an open ramp white legs, bodies.. monochromatic.. dalmatian.. what have you.. basta naa si Mark Nelson.. but the thing is.. i failed to see him in person with the same beach im wading. after emptying two bottles of san mig lights.. im headed to the CR.. tired, i rest and nap under the baby palmtree listen to Fiona Apple with her paper bag while Russ grab some beers and do his last poetry for dumaguete.. 45 mins after.. stil shaky and drenched i headed back to sure to wash my sandy goggles when i came back.. russ already talkin with john.. exchange hi and hellos and do some formalities.. i met harly, john's partner then i met their community: the nerdy guy, a fatso, the stocky one and andrel the blabbing begins.. i learn this and so.. listening and chancing =) we then headed to white sands beach resort where we take splash and do some skinny deeping..
it was so cool and so exciting..
with all the new companions we have..
i have this explicit favor for somebody under the blanket of stars..
plus the scene of a couple making love in the expance of open sea
was so romantic... it was so encouraging and can't help to yearn for someone whose really
cg lang..

den russ and i took dinner..
roam around..
wading along the beach..
seems to have pure shore by All Saints suited for a sound track..
moon dance, running , and screaming at the top of our lungs!
the bozos..
the concert by the beach.. the moon, the stars
the music.. U2.. Cold Play, Shaun Maulins and all

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deep throat
got this pic from www.thepeculiarone.blogspot.com
i admit how amazed i am with this task..
how i wanted to know the trick and impress someone with a big talent..
and have the service be returned in some case..
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old friend

shit.. it hits me again..
the feeling that loves me..
being irradically lonesome..

it was such a bluff for me
not able to hop to Tagbilaran..
im just damn broke.. got this insufficient
funds for weeks now..
and it screws me!

then here's Brian.. almost have no contact with him
for straight two days..
and i feel like melting.
plus, i got this msge from him after an attempt to call him
via landline.. it just that..
so obscure.. i am..
don't know how to react,
as not knowing what to type next..

i just terribly feel so low
that my eyes blur as the vision of my keyboard gone watery
due to my teary eyes..

im just sick to this visitor..
to think its my usual guest from the past..

hello my old friend =)

Sunday, May 01, 2005


my head spinning
my stomach lurch
i guess im in the verge of hangover,

it was past midnight when the gig fades
a debutant celebrates
people come and go..
some plates filled
some bottles emptied..

i do a spontaneous performance with BAlde Ni Allan
im running out of breath after the second session
and the malt that i sipped inevitably flowing through my skin..!
fucked! im drenched with distilled booz!
anyway,.. it was cool though.

Shendi, got this cute friend for a host..
so cute but so young..
but i like the way he speaks..
so fluent and so darn TH!

but still, i extend my compliments..
and he dutifully listen..
and for that! i hug him.. =)
yehey! mission accomplish!
i could sleep not missing something..

wasted, but not really..

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