Sunday, July 31, 2005

i'm freakn proud

i still have the hangover seeing and hearing them live at AzCo (SWU)
they are understatedly great..
kalma ra kau.. to think they came from the south..

every song creates upheaval from the crowd, more claps and scream compare to PGMA's
recent SONA.. and juris alcantara's voice is heartwarming.. i feel the tingles creeping through my veins. just like a delectable pastry,i nibble each note, thats how wonderful her voice is..

mymp rocks! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


this pic from subtle, a european based men's apparel company that
caters most for metrosexual clientele..
i wonder if there is such thing as cebuano counterpart..

but hey, i guess there is! its in Ayala, its brandname called
SIMON.. my eyes were plastered in their stall everytime i passed.
but it seems they dont have website yet.. im so interrested knowing the owner =) lol!
their stall is minimal and ergonomic.. the stuffs, eye watering! the price, well...
and i just cant help but swoon on their +/- sign, which i
interpret as bisexuality.. pretty cool!

it's been my fancy to create a ready-to-wear shirts and lowers for men. Posted by Picasa
but it seems i am hooked for women's accesories.. yayks!
i sketch few of my design in my pad.
it just ends up an idea for my upcomming shirts..
il be heading towards downtown (carbon =) ) this afternoon to buy plain shirts.
im dying to grab plain black, gray and pink tees just for Php 70 a piece!
i really find it cool to have my convenient size which is size 20..

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