Wednesday, September 28, 2005

from then on..

its freaking cold here.. sedated by the rain tapping outside the cafeteria.. D Sound is on my earphone.. "People are people"... it brings me nostalgia.. my heart pounds for the past days when i just simply walking around with a smile plastered on my face. i miss it..

im excited for the upcomming exhibit..
russ did inform me about it.
its going to be in October.. just few days from now..
i was ecstatic receiving the details:

Hello, people.

I'm informing you of "Kaba-kaba Ba Ka?", one of Cebu's first exhibits by queer people about queer issues. Together, writers and visual artists are collaborating to create a show that tells stories from queer life, celebrating the human spirit.

The show opens at Kahayag Cafe (Mabolo) - with phenomenal support from Gina - on October 26, 2005 (Wednesday), which is ripe timing, considering that there will be a conference on gay studies held in Cebu City from October 20 - 23, hosted by the ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Association). For more information on that event please access these sites:

I also heard from an events organizer/friend that in December, Ayala Cinema 1 will host a play from Bacolod entitled "Closets", which is all about gay people. We've yet to see if Ayala really pushes through with it.

This week is already being spent looking for sponsors, added participants, and designing drafts for the poster. If you are interested in joining, sponsoring, or helping out in any way, please attend our next meeting:

Friday, September 30, 6:30PM, at Bigbucks Cafe (Bigfoot Center, Ramos)


It's about time we did something like this.


life's crumpling nowadays..
got a hectic sked for major plates, book reviews and lots of paper stuffs.
the worst thing is that i don't have enough resources.. damn!

im just glad my instinct tides me by..
somehow, i could just cope along.

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