Sunday, July 30, 2006


It was late in the evening when I got home. Stack of papers scattered around my room. I pick them randomly and evaluate whether I consider it as still important or a trash that needs to be disposed. A yellow paper caught my eye and begin to check its content. It has a crude sketch of a beach and some captions that tell more about the parchment. It dated back 5 years ago. It was a portrait of a long gone summer.

One could visualize the confusion of the artist's state of being upon observing the drawing. Swirls and crooked lines are imminent in the figures. Heavy and shaky strokes were jotted all over. One could see a juxtaposed horizon which having the sun and the sea kissing eachother. And there is this sole human figure cloaked in black silhouette. Images of the past flooded through me. It reminds of water that never sleeps. Whispering breeze that never fails to sooth one's agitated soul.

I was 16 by then, still struggling about my identity. Who I am and who I'll become to be. Maybe the reason that brought me to this beach was my thirst for identification. I really didn't know I really was. I was too fed up with life's complexity and fear of the unknown. One thing that I really hate is the feeling of being uncertain. I cringe even the idea of being lost.


And so the days unfold on its own. Somehow, unexpected moments tides me by. It always brings seed of experience that germinates within me. I might not as mature as one should be, but I know I'm learning. I keep on growing.

I yawn knowing its past midnight on the clock. Might as well hit the sack and have a great sleep.

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