Wednesday, August 23, 2006

fed up

It took me some time to let everything that transpires to sink in..
I must say I've been through a lot these past months and I'm totally fed up.

here are the things that recently happened..

just had my "pre-graduation" syndrome. I had six years of elementary, four years of high-school days and four years of college. I need a break! Its killing me!

job hunt! It was really exhilarating to undergo a lot of interviews and mind bugling exams for it really test what you've been through in the past years. Although it really scares the hell out of me but it really improves my confidence and how I relate myself to people.

love death and a new love life! I was desperate. I was at sea. Good thing I was rescued. Never in my life such bad things turns out to be the most wonderful! Thanks for my Sugar who consider me as his Cream in our coffee called LOVE.

leaking "friend ship". I know IM in the verge of breaking our bond. Its just that there are a lot of things that are beyond my control. If only they could know the details of my series of unfortunate events that happened to me these past months. If only they just empathize with me. I still believe of having them (V,C,R and Y) back though. I really pray.

hopes. I still wanna push through my Bachelor's degree. but I know it would take me a lot of effort and "earnings" to materialize such goal. I don't want to have my exhibit unprepared. I can't afford producing mediocre artwork due to financial reasons. Plus I don't want to consider "lack of support" as a confinement of my growth as an artist. It just that sacrifices are inevitable.

I am independent.

Now, all I have to do is just move along. As Haruki Murakami stated it in one of his understated books: "Dance Dance Dance"

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