Sunday, December 10, 2006


'twas around 12 midnyt when the crowd subsides at NASA. When I went home and about to undress, refresh and knock-off to bed.. i got this sighing moment for the attire that i just made an hour before the program starts which caused alot of pinpricks on my fingers as i try to sew it as fast as i can. I could still remember earlier this day that I'm in the middle of saying: "what will i wear!".

Panicky and just having wee hours to prepare, i found myself rumbling thru my closet and saw this 3-size too large polo, some embroidered satin (from a lingerie i found in downtown) and balls of threads..

cut, sew and fit... perfect!

pin a pinache and im good to go..
now, can somebody pass the muscle pain killer?

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