Wednesday, February 28, 2007

all kudos to russ..


finally nahingkawas naka..
isabwag imong tanang color
and never let anyone---
as in ANYBODY cast their shadow upon you.

russ, you made yourself a cloth of illuminated pride
wear and be comftable with it wherever you will go..

dance dance dance!


artists' haven... tapas lounge @ crossroads banilad.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


conquering Hong Kong


u'v made it big time!
can't say much other than "wow.."

keep on sailing,


Monday, February 19, 2007

Cerebro walks through "white sands"

we had our program GA at the white sands beach resort in Mactan last Sunday. Spearheaded by our new SM Potsky, event coordinator TL Kent and no other than Mr. Don Campbell himself. Hosted by humorous Carlo Madriaga. The whole day was spent eating sumptuous buffet, enjoying great programs, participating games and all. Some of the highlights that i really scream for are: Cerebro Amazing Race (our team got the 4th place) and paint a picture (a girl who caught her bf kissing another guy..). I also render two performances. One solo and the other with songwriter and singer TL Aimee.. I also spent time rowing a boat around Maribago islet. Its totally a relaxing feeling. Paddling the tranquil waters is quite meditating..

Whoa! Finally, a great reward after the peak season and its still a long long way before the annual tax filing so enough for those federal and state forms please..

Great minds great people! Go Cerebro!


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