Monday, February 05, 2007

sniffling mist

my end of shift has been moved from 10:00 am to 7:30 am.. now i could go out without hurting my nape from the glare of the sun. Its like waking up in the morning, walking along the open field inside the camp right after my usual tea ritual---those essential routine i had in the past... the only difference is that at that time I'm about to start my day while at this moment I'm about to retire from a graveyard shift. yofak!

but its pretty fine i tell you. Its pretty fine to pass by school children neatly dressed up for a class. Its pretty fine to ride a jeepney and you are his first passenger for the day. It's pretty cool to see joggers warming up. Its happy to see through a clear glass door of a nearby store flipping the signboard from "close" to "open". Hmn, It's also heartwarming to wake up your significant other with your txt message. Lastly, It's pretty fine with me to sniff the mist suspended on the air from midnight dew that are still visible against the blade of the grass. It is quite interesting how these water molecules glistened when it's struck by the ray of light... And these happen when the day is about to begin. While in my case, my day is about to end. sigh.. faet!

such irony..

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