Wednesday, February 14, 2007


(Julio's sketch dated 02/13/2007. A plan that he have in mind for our date.. And it's very much similar how he present it when i arrived at Bo's.. I really find him sweet)

According to Martha Stewart in her show this V-day:

"In Medieval times, people who couldn't write their names signed with a 'X' which they kissed to show their sincerity. This is how the 'X' symbol became synonymous with a kiss."

It's pretty much interesting why "X" would mean "kiss".. In light with that, I am very much grateful that my heart's day this year is marked with a bold red X

It was around 1:00 am when my v-day started amazingly. I did'nt expect when i got a customer gave me a rate of 12 from 1-10 in my feedback after i resolve all his nerve-wrecking issues! The customer, a latin-american businessman with his Quickbooks, even wanted to speak to my supervisor for commendation. And for that, TL Aimee's bell tolls for the whole program to know somebody got a WOW call experience. I can't comprehend how i felt that time specially that they have this pakulo that if somebody got a wow call then that person is entitled a gift certificate from Starbucks. And its pretty cool because the place would be in i2 and it would be my first time conquering the place since it was newly opened. It's like a valentine's day for myself. It's like treating myself for what im worth and trying to live with the adage "love one's self"---since you can't give what you don't have. On top of that, I'm also awarded a limited edition of a customized brownies just for the valentines season from Mike's (c/0 TL Lloyd since he promise that he will award this heart-shaped browny). Such a great start..

6:15 pm
After i woke up, I called Julio.. He's already in Bo's. He went there an hour earlier just to reserve our "territory".. Once i got my seat, i'm surprized with what i saw. A cookie from butterbean, a cup of brewed coffee and a rose.. Ows.. In return, i gave him what i won earlier: The heart-shaped browny. Yehey... To think this would be my first time to celebrate Valentine's Day with someone I could share my heart with. Just wonderful.

8:15 pm

at Kahayag. We listen to a Cebuano renowned reggae band over pizza and blueberry tea. Everything went just perfect. The candle lit dinner,romantic plus cozy atmosphere. Nice

need to drag myself to work. Heading towards PIPC we know something that is really lacking. And that would be um a kiss. We made our way to IT Park, pass through the guards and somewhere in the annals of the building we kiss. Day complete.

30 mins later, i put on my headset, pulled up my resources and after helping a customer my closing spiel goes this way: "Thankyou for calling Quickbooks payroll and have a great Valentine's day ahead"

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