Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Reading Murakami's short stories drawn me between what is real and unreal. I have this momentary paralysis each time i finish a story, like those trains of thoughts keep on running in accelerating speed and it breaks into halt so abruptly.There are times when i just flip the last page of a particular chapter and it freezes me in minutes as if a computer program suddenly hungs up. One of my favorites are: "The Birthday Girl", "The Modern Generation Chronicle" and "Cats Eating Man". Murakami has this tendency to alter usual moments, things, experiences and even memories and turn them into something extraordinary. Maybe he have this power to convey absurdity into twisted reality, and anything that is weird which has an element of reality somehow intrigues us. "Blind willow.." somehow breaks the chain of my usual readings. From paper back novels to hard bound short-stories. I had read "South of the Border, West of the Sun" and "Dance, Dance, Dance" and those keeps me awhile before starting anew. Comparing his series of work, here are the key imagery i keep on noticing: Jazz, Swimming, Gin Tonic, lazing up in the beach, shadow, grotesque lifeless body, blank look, smell of old books, and of course---childhood memories. One could somehow fits his own self in Murakami's stories due to his powerful medium: old memories. He always put his readers into reminiscence. So reading Murakami also let you remember what you've been through and somehow it triggers old feelings the way you just woke up from a dream.

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