Friday, June 22, 2007

french film festival 2007

French film festival, an annual event, showcases some of the best films in French cinematography. this might be my 7th year attending this occasion since i knew about it way way back in high school.. Vera and i have this usual mode of talking endlessly while waiting for the film. Luckily, we able to catch up on one of the best entries and once it started we never speak even a single word. I found myself transfixed with the movie from the beginning to the end.
I was amazed with the idea that this particular film originated from the novel, then it was been absorbed by the director and then he relay it to the cast who portrait the whole scenario on the silver screen. so i can't fully grasp the magnificence of the plot; since, according to Plato's writings, anything that originate from particular thing is lesser of its value. let say a fine artist try to sketch a stem of rose. therefore the rose have greater value compared to the sketch. In that light, i saw the film so wonderful that i cannot fathom how those ideas linger through the mind of the author: Patrick Süskind

i was in awe specially the scene when Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is about to be executed and the whole crowd can't wait to see him being beaten to death. But just for few drops from John's potion (w/c consist of 12 base scents from 12 murdered ladies and 1 final ingredient...) and the frenzied scherzo become overwhelmed with the scent that they believe in just for a moment that they were in paradise. then after that moment.. my god, all of them make love.. such beauty!

after that movie.. i just breath deeply and sigh.. realizing how powerful scents can be to the extend it can move souls. walking with Vera along the red carpet in Ayala cinema1, smiling, i will say that the best things in life are usually for free..

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