Friday, July 06, 2007

and now, where is this place i want to call "home"?

the idea of having a new place leave me ecstatic to the extend i could hardly sleep. Imagining what would be the color of my walls. Hmn, I'll make it purple. Purple is the ideal color for a bedroom since the color entice you to dream. No! Green instead.. its refreshing and i find it comfortable mixing a tinge of blue on a full base of yellow instead of red. But purple is cool..
I want my bedroom to be a place where it will hinder me from becoming to be a mall rat, trying to take refuge under cafeterias and bookstore. I want a bedroom where all my ideals of comfort and amusement merged into one. A place i could spend hours trying to mend or revamp a dress, sip my mug of coffee or green tea, write and update my long since stucked daily micro journal---like, my last entry was 1869. then I'll sketch and dance and dance again.

Heck! Those things are constantly done before! is just that lately i don't have a place of my own and my hectic schedule kills the human being within me.. shredding me off from any artistic endeavors or whatever inclination to humanitarian aesthetics that was attached to my DNA---leaving me as a robotic answering machine devoid from any real hearty communication and visceral enthusiasm (..of course that was exaggerated!)

Thus, the idea of having a room (e.g. bedroom/lounge/mini cafe/theater house/music room/guest room rolled into one) is a NEED!

"i want it! I'm dying for it! give it to me please!" so I plea

Now, three months have passed by since i rented a room along Banilad road. I already paid the rent and i got a 1 month advance deposit. I pay almost 3 grand a month for a place i only went into to take a shower, change my clothes and packed my things up to go back to the office. sniff'

whatever unexplainable circumstances are, this is the scenario I'm having nowadays..

where is my 60's/zen inspired bedroom? the rectangular opaque lamp shade. the ceramic mini pond with lily pods and fishes were swimming underneath it. optical illusion graphics on the wall. halogen lighting. 1.5 HP air conditioning. translucent green curtains. yellow cabinet. toxicating scented incense burner. dozen lighted candles. tea pots. surround sound system playing either Madonna, Hed Kandi, Bjork or Yoko Kanno.

Those things are on my ideal bedroom---images that are still swirling on my head.

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