Friday, July 13, 2007

connectivity issue: resolved

you might find this whole picture pitch black, kindly adjust your monitor setting and turn the brightness into higher notch. a picture taken by the sea wall along Dumaguete's boulevard.

I thought my weekend will turn out to be "just another weekend". It was the end of eight-hour work routine on a grave yard shift . Vera texted me and blurt out that she's heading towards Dumaguete with RUss. In my head, alryt that would be wonderful, but my eyes drool off and im dying to sleep. But it is a complete new experience i don't want to miss so i text back, "i'll meet you then in McDonald's by 12:30pm"

minutes, hours, days pass by after that text.. these are the words that are associated with our escapade:

headphones, coke float, nausea, blurry, misty window, suffocating bus, barge, mist around the island, tranquil waters, barge, fishes, city lights, scream, surprise, phone call, cousin, hayahay, cute vocalist, pizzas, booze, abs-cbn, coco grande, vintage hotel, paulo cuehlo book, aircon, pringles, hershey's, boulevard, people---strangers, Siliman, Scooby's, sphokening dohlar siliman students =) (peace), teacher cum scholar cum columnist friend of Ana, marine sanctuary, whale bone, marine sanctuary, old man taking bath, library, love poems, aquarium, crocodiles, dog loving woman, black sands, crystallize-sparkling beach, dead river, high-end resort, misty sprinkler, black heart, wandering souls...

each word somehow are connected to each other with endless relevance. each word--- just like each of "us", are connected with endless reasons.


Chai, yen, vera and russ

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