Monday, July 02, 2007


for me its doing my laundry (yes, i do my own laundry and i find it therapeutic to wash off dirt from my clothes). weekend for me means going to a peaceful cafeteria, reading a paperback while sipping from a hot mug. I usualy go on with my own usual routine of going out to an oval track and jog, or if have enough time, i go for swimming. I love spending hours skimming thru downloadable mp3's and thrilled with the capacity of a 2 gigabyte memory card of my SE phone.

I'm blessed that my day off falls in a weekend. Although its Pacific Standard Time based so my weekend usually starts Saturday Morning until Monday Night---which is unlikely with other account which their day offs usually in between the weekdays and its not always executive order. I had my head shaved off by these days (twice in a month). Aside from scanning through a magazine while waiting for my queue, i already had my doze of fashion trend forecast from and youtube. I do clip my nails, go for a massage, smoke and drink during weekends.

I just can't complete my weekends without doing these rituals

but these past few weeks are completely different. I got one and a half load of dirty clothes. Haven't downloaded any music files recently (some of my old albums bore the hell out of me). Haven't bought any novel (even the idea of a ordering the upcoming and final book of J.K. Rowling doesn't appeals to me anymore) My tummy getting rounder and my skin doesn't glow as before due to lack of exercise.

recently, im constantly out of town. or sometimes somebody else's bed (giggles) Either i am in the company of my colleagues, my boyfriend or with fishes.
Like one time I decided to go island hoping (Mactan's neighboring islands, we conquer 4 anonymous islands) with a different team. I swam coast to coast without any gear at all and with what i wear at that time. Just for the heck of having a weekend. Then one time my TL and the rest of my teammates went to Moalboal. Again, for the heck of having a weekend, i find myself swimming with aquarium-looking-fishes (read as "pang aquarium na mga isda") and discover corals that could be seen in the leaves of a magazine. i swim and dive.. snorkel like crazy.. Like hey, this is paradise.. i mutter while bubbles escaped from my mouth. visualizing as what "Jeneen Garcia; sunstar/feat apo island" somewhat quote: these corals not only produce polyps that could send another kingdom of corals within the sanctuary but those polyps could be transported through current and create another kingdom across the seas. And Bjork's Oceania is playing on my mind. It's also my first time to swim along an abyss. Imagine, lush full of corals and an explosion of colorful fishes then all of the sudden the scenery was cut by a deep blue water that leads to never ending depth. u cant see any form aside from the ray of light trying to pierce through the darkness. Its both thrilling and exciting, and the idea of a huge monster might prey on you is constantly present.

Then another week pass by and another weekend comes.
im heading north, heading towards Julio's hometown, Danao.

we usually spend our day try to cook something for dinner. which i don't usually do due to the fact that countless eatery exist. I usually massage his Tita who is fond of me and in return treat me with goodies (her husband works in the US)then we watch either "America's Next Top Model" (He loves NAima, i love Nicole and we both adore Tyra) or "Project Runway".
And we usually make love usually around post midnight.

"this" weekend is again--- beyond ordinary.
I witness a first stage of human cycle. Julio's brother whose aged---let say 17, will become a father in few hours. Me, Julio, his bro and his girlfriend rush towards a maternity hospital to give birth. It was 2am by then. lack of sleep, we manage to go through the a nearby provincial maternity hospital to assess/monitor during the pre-labour stage. i once listen to my grandma with her stories how i was conceived and who are with my mother when she gave birth to me. Now, im with this couple who happen to gave new life to a newborn child.

hmn, 'twas stressful at the same time rewarding. the tension, emotional drama and the anxiety what "might" gonna happen are definitely driving us into the path of ambiguity; until the moment that it was declared as a successful labour, and my hubby's new nephew is a baby boy.


The rhythm of the weekend, with its birth, its planned gaieties, and its announced end, followed the rhythm of life and was a substitute for it.

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

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