Wednesday, August 01, 2007

black heart for Chai

"muddied" i must've thought.
dirty, dirty with filth!
it might be the sand, puked by the dead river
dead leaves, cracked bones, layers and layers of bygone dusts
every eyes must have leered even if it has been seen once..

washed and cradled by the sea
crushed and cuddled by the howling breeze
now it breaths, now it beats
sparkling.. sparkling and sparkling..
now see what it become!
crystal grains glowing even without the sun.

each palm of grain is now contain of silica and numerous rock minerals..
it might be salt crystals, moon stones or it might be carbon
but no one knows it has sprinkles of diamonds

don't hissed, don't sway
adhere and don't ever part
hush and feel each beat
don't dare ignore

a black heart

-for chai..

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