Thursday, August 23, 2007


Medúlla 2004

a friend introduce it to me, who else but bjork fanatic himself: russ. it was in the pinacle of our UPSTAGE career when we explode on UP Cookout's dance showdown and we pick "where is the line with you" from this album for our performance.

15 tracks are so raw that i consider it as a celebration of the human voices. most of the instrument bjork use as a background are from glutal sounds from one of the best vocalist in europe.. as the name of this album would portrait: Medúlla. It basically means ‘marrow’ in medical language, in Latin. so the mixture of these visceral voices could really seep through one's bones and never fails you to feel cringy after hearing a track.

best place to listen to it. under an old tree or inside a cave (if u happen to be on a nature trek)

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