Tuesday, July 31, 2007


one thing that worries me most is to keep on having "moments" but not able to completely grasp the whole experience of it.

Just like eating a sumptuous buffet and not able to savor the taste of each delicacy. Unlike before, i always have time reminiscing what have transpired in a day. There are times in the past that I quietly sit by the canteen, having iced tea and pinaypay na saging, then play back all the sweet-nothing memories i have let say for my college crushes (it could have been andre, ash, laurence and of course nikko) while watching the falling leaves by the nearby plant-like-parasite infested tree. I always love to walk around the campus with Yen or run around with Chai then retire by the stonehenge with Russ and Vera. Those times when you could sit back, smell the pungent smell of the ilang-ilang tree by the admin building and talk endlessly what happened.

Now, moments are keep on happening, keep on going. as if a fast bullet train keep on running to the extend you cannot stop for a while and savor the scenery outside. There so many things transpired that you cannot differentiate what really happened or what not. Sometimes you've confused yourself if there are memories in your head that you thought it was just a mere scenario in a movie that u watched, or a chapter of a novel that you read, or a snippet of a dream that u had last night. It is so vague and obscured that you though it didn't really happened in real life which in fact it did!

this whole illusion/fact might be absurd just because I'm wide awake for more than 20 hours now. i might not sober enough to think straight but now, how i wish to grab a real pen and drown these thoughts with ink.

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