Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PAC.. can i have my lunch break please?

a usual walk on asia town it park quadrangle at 1:00am is a usual part of my daily routine. my lunch break is scheduled at 1:00am to 2:00 am. to put a break on my 8-hour job, i won't stay 20 meters around the perimeter of my workstation. i take my quick lunch on the nearby building. set my alarm 5 mins before my break, plug my earphones and do brisk walk around it park..

my first lap would pass by globe bldg. then skyrise, seeing nocturnal bums who puff smoke along the alley. finally, along PS where my favorite track begins . the whole park/business center primarily surrounded with accacia trees and limited grass field. dark hazy clouds hovering above, filtering the sky, thus its usually starless. the moon sparkles once in while once she would like to. branches lay still, like they were in deep slumber and don't want to be disturbed.

from these i get rid of negative energy from our countless customers. i want to forget that i'm working on a one cubic meter workstation (maybe that's where the cubicle term came from) and try to work my ass off from sitting all day.. this could be my sort of work-out at the same time. i walk, listen to bjork and admiring the aroma of freshly cut grass, gradually withering in melancholic surrender.

so i unwind.


one night, while doing this ritual, i pass by a guy in cap. i could see his masculinity from afar.. he come to me as a silhouette in the dim lighted street first. when he get nearer. i see the details now, red cap, white body-hugger-shirt. then finally our paths crossed. i hear him mutter "hi" but i thought i might misheard it, so i plug off my headphone and continue to walk. then i heard his footstep behind me. so he's following me this time. so i face him and try to confront whats the matter.

he smells of alcohol. tipsy/drunk, he introduce himself. i do the same thing and he manage to ask him some question. "..came from a drink, and im walking here to sober up" he told me. seeing my i.d., he verify "..so u're working here" i say i do and tried to tell him through gestures that i need to go back. he blabber a lame sentence that if we could see each other again and he fish out his phone and ask for my #. out from courtesy i give him my cel # ---if only he's my type i shouldn't had inverted the last two digit.

so i say bye, walk away, plug on my earphone and smile to myself.

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yoshke said...

hahahaha. rule of thumb, never flirt with drunk people. hehehe. nice post. napa-smile din ako. haha

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