Monday, August 20, 2007

to go! ---5 places i couldn't miss dropping by..


-buying medicines, health product and beauty kits can be stress free when u go to Watsons. aside from the wide arrays of their items the space and lighting can be soothing and going around and around to look for something that u could apply to yourself is worth the time.


-even for a gloomy Sunday, this bakeshop could brighten up your heart. I like their mini cakes, specially the choco mallow and blue berry cheesecake. and u don't have to shell out too much when u drop by here because most of their goodies don't cost that much. my favourite branch are in JY and nearby Redemptorist church.


-although i prefer Starbucks in term of their brewed coffee and such (their Php100 for a brewed coffee is worth every drop) but bo's able to set a much cozy atmosphere. so cozy that you wont mind taking so much of their space reading books or having hearty talks with friends.

comfort lounge

-it started at 5 pesos then 10 and now entrance is at 15 pesos. it was during the time when I'm into job hunt that i find solace in this area. their toiletries are so handy specially when i badly need to freshen up. i also love to stay on their couch then try to have a kitty nap so that when i go back to the mall, i got full energy boost!

nuat tha

-i love massage. i love the feeling being caressed and a masseur will stroke those stress away. its like body worshipping, you have this body so young and fragile that needs extra pamper.

i know the world is too harsh. there's so much more to life than being bored, depress and struggling. just a simple act of self pampering could be adequate to lift someone's spirit.

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