Tuesday, August 21, 2007

what happened to my old mayonnaise jar?

since i was little, i remember myself getting transfixed on the tv watching national geographic. i have so much enthusiasm on animals. i love to watch them in their habitat. it intrigues me what feeds them and how they able to interact with other living things around them. I'm always amazed with these creatures specially those live underwater.

it was summer in my 2nd grade in elementary when we went to Bantayan island for a vacation. me and my brothers have a great time in those clear waters that we suggested to our papa that we might as well live there. so the place that we just consider great for a vacation turns out to be our hometown. So my exposure to the beach become so imminent that i could still visualize all the sea creatures that i play with when i was young. Instead of having lego or claydough i got sands and seashells to build mini castles. Instead of toying with stuff toys and barbie dolls =) im busy changing salt water to my mayonnaise jar aquarium.

i always spent my afternoon going to a light house, we fondly call it "parula" in our local dialect. The light house would be around 30-50 meters away from the shore, and a natural rock/coral formation link the light house to the beach. I didn't know the fact by then that the sole purpose of having that light house is to warn big fishing vessel that it is a shallow and it might wreck their ship. All i know is that when its low tide, the rock/coral formation protruded and lots of small fishes, seahorses, jelly fish and their kin get trapped inside several depressions which look like a mini pond. I marvel looking these creatures moving back and forth in their territory. some of them looks like they are used to their abode but some of them look aghast and you can sense them that they are in complete stranger in an unfamiliar waters. these lost fishes have this neurotic movement, they hide underneath a coral or anemone once they detected human moving towards them or other local fishes attack them because they posed to be a threat by their presence. Some of these lost fishes are the most beautiful fish i ever seen. You can easily detect them since they stand out among the school of fish. Just like seeing ur heartthrob among the crowd. I usually have this urge to take them home, i don't know.. maybe by that time i sympathize with them and would love to take care of them. so i have collections of angel fishes, bat fish and a couple of sea horses when i was young.

that's maybe why until now, i still love to see fishes. i love to see them either in cultured aqua tank or in their natural habitat. im even glad for Vera when she told me she went scuba diving with the pro one time in Hilotongan, Corduva in one of her field reporting for ABS. I wish i could also venture with that "expensive" enthusiasm (if only i could afford 15-20k per session and be with the untamed sea creatures). Sigh, or should i be contended with my goggles and hold my breath every now and then to get near to my childhood interest.

hahay.. sail on..

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