Saturday, August 25, 2007

witches of oz.. a new musical (post event reaction)

chai score us some tickets. too bad vera can't make it since she's out of town for a paid coverage. so i watch it with Julio; then Russ and Wilson in a far away seats. It was Saturday night, 7pm SM cinema 1. i expect so much of this musical, i already play some scenes in my mind that its gonna be a full throttle of "wicked witches" but it was a rendition of the classic animated series that i watched when i was still a little kid. i retire with the notion that this play will just let me reminisce what L. Frank Baum wrote in his book (1900) which inspires a lot of adaptation.

what stirs me up is why the background is so barren? i thought its going to be a grand musical since tickets are worth 300-500 and the musical run several instances in two weekends. lets say they spent much of their production budget on lighting and lapels (w/c really cost a lot) but they could have innovate simple props and back drops to create atmosphere in this "magical" play.. the only thing that changes at the background is the House where Dorothy lives in Kansas (which only turns upside down after the great tornado, that's it! and lighting effects.. But sige nalang kay the characters are well dressed specially for Glinda, the witch of the West, Dorothy and her three companions..

gisapot gyud ko kay sa ticket pa lang daan it is written:

"Greetings to you, the lucky holder of this green ticket. In your wildest dreams, you could not imagine the marvelous surprizes that await you in the Land of Oz!"

so ako sad intawn, i was so excited to get inside the theater and check out what "marvelous surprizes" they got to offer. I might don't have the right to rant on this since i got my ticket as a "complimentary ticket" but i purchase one for my boyfriend, Wilson spent 500 bucks since his seat is located near the stage, and if we're going to add the amount together, it could be enough for us four to go bar hoping. or we could travel north or south and head for the nearest white beach. so i expect much from this production. . And for these mere reasons, wala ko kasabot nila.

ok let say the director wants to make the set as minimal as possible (consisting only the bridge and the house that was also used as the yellow bricks and the portal of the wizard of oz... so as being used as the emerald city!) so good luck for those audience who cannot play with their imagination and not fond of filling up the blanks (specially those 14 year old high school students at my back who only know how to play endless hours on Tantra, ragnarok, warcraft or whatever online games they would even starved for). It will be really hard for an ordinary audience to relate to the story itself, knowing that the audience still need to figure out each actor and actress' characters, the main plot of the story plus the burden of figuring out where is the setting of the specific scene. Thus, only those who have previous exposure to Wizard of Oz can connect the dots.

but still,

as a whole I'm grateful but not impress. i could only drop few names who internalizes their characters very well. the lyrics and scripts must be very excellent but the music and synchronization is not harmonious enough. hair and make-up: good, costume for Glinda and the witch of the west; i love it.. the rest.. hmn... "ok lang" I could cite several small or intimate plays that could surpass such block buster production. I might be too harsh about this but i share this same sentiments by most of the crowd.

as part of the audience, i do appreciate the effort (of the whole production team specially to the director) to give homage to one of the undying classic novels of all time, to remind the new generation that the world have come up with that magic as early as 1900's. To continue to spread what moral we could still hold on to and be reminded of. and lastly to refresh what childhood fantasies that i had had.

for now i still have to muster all three values that this story have thought 3 generations ago: to be passionate, to be brilliant and courageous. that would require much time and effort than writing this. And I'm still wondering what Glinda's last few words for Dorothy apply to my life's drama:

"if you can't find your heart's desire in your own backyard, then you never really lost it to begin with."

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