Wednesday, September 05, 2007

ang paglilitis ni mang Serapio

thinking that i was late, i try to run my way through the
crowded mall (end of the month sale at sm). finally, i made my way to the theater alleys. i'm quite aghast the moment i entered the cinema when bunch of "taong grasa" are littered around the whole place. they are among the throng of student actors in USC theater guild. dressed in shabby clothes, filthy make-up, which are totally in complete character. then one of the "taong grasa" whispered something to them and one by one they drag themselves inside the curtain and she scream "Paglilitis!"

curtain up.. and the whole stage was exposed. mountain of rubbish piled up like a scene in Payatas dumpsite and the lights are just enough to create an ominous ambiance. The plot itself is interesting. the whole duration of the stage play runs from 45min to an hour and  i've never been interrupted the whole time. so iguess, i was completely absorbed from what i'm seeing as there was no dead air, no sullen moment. the introduction of each vital character was vividly done. the presence of the elements in a plot (conflict, crisis.climax and denouement or resolution) were present. in addition, i like the stage blocking. the director undeniably know which character have to be given importance in this play. it was really crazy, and most of these main actors are quite impressive.. even the extras.. they all have attained that 360 degrees characterization. one of the supporting actress, who somehow reminds me of that little cerebral palsy girl in Magnifico do this weird, tensioned body movement the whole time.. and another one (who happen to be one of my trainee in a dance workshop before) just sat down and be "tameme"---that's all. and the rest are as equally fine as the main performers..

i must say that the whole production is really good.

the Filipino ingenuity through theater would still continue to breath and live as long as there are still gutsy performance artists doing it and eventuallu more audience will appreciate it. and im quite happy that this sort of artistic ecosystem (um biology class? ikaw ba yan?) is in equilibrium specially here in Cebu.
kudos to all of the cast and the people behind the scene.. job well done.


"tayo na inay, tapos na ang paglilitis" sabi ng anak sa kanyang walang ka muwang muwang na ina. nakatulala at wala sa sarili, siya'y dahandahang tumayo at lumakad pauwi sa kanilang dampa. hindi alam o baka tameme lang sa tabi, nang hatulan si Mang Serapio sa pag-aaruga ng bata...


"magaling" naisabi ko sa aking sarili paglabas ko pagkatapos ng dula.. ako'y talagang namangha at hindi nabuwisit.

Ang Paglilitis
sa panulat ni PAul Dumol
sa direksyon ni Loyd Sato

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