Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cynthia Alexander live at Outpost!

my tongue rolled back and my eyes seems to pop up.. i usually have this sort of body reaction every time i feel so wonderfully euphoric. i could feel myself flying as i run towards McDo from Outpost. i can't contain myself from being ecstatic.

earlier, just a few minutes ago, i saw, i heard and hugged Cynthia Alexander..

mixture of Arabian bonggo, dissonant keyboard.. ethereal voices.. Cynthia's tracks are guaranteed to be a certified arms opener. vera, me and of course chai (whose love for Cynthia is insurmountable) are just inches away from her. it was like MTV unplugged. an intimate performance of a renowned artist.

a band of three. its quite surprising that their layering technique makes their music seems to be composed of a full ensemble of musicians. Cynthia's mastery on plucking her guitar makes her in full control with her instrument. as if the rhythm of the strings is already a part of her system.

one notable music critic says:

"..Cynthia Alexander's acoustic-based sound brims with intelligence and subtle daring. Alexander's music is often delicately arranged, following sinuous and innovative paths. "

she never fails to give me a cringe. my skin tingles on most of her tracks. so the moment the reverberation of the guitar fades on her last song for that night, i can't help but go near her and hug her. i whisper my compliments while sniffing her aura. my book fell and it spills her water to a live wire that it cause a blasting sound of a short circuit. instead of worrying about that "blast off" Cynthia did manage to ask me whose the author of the book. i was holding "the wind-up bird chronicle" by Murakami by then. and she gave me a recognizing smile.. i can't define what i've just felt at that time. i was so caught up by the moment that i went trough the crowded place and go out to an open space and run like a dog who just get himself a piece of bone. that was a heck of an experience for me as a newly declared Cynthia Alexander fan.. for sure, i'll fill my mp3 collection with her songs. and to Outpost, it was incredible that they able to invite great artist over and let the whole place become a living legend for the thriving art scene in Cebu.

one happy moment. =)

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