Thursday, September 27, 2007

it must have been chai's day..

way back in college, CHAI and i ran from UP Admin, passing the oblation, climb up in the HUmDiv Bldg until we reached the Masscom veranda. It was a sunny afternoon by then, the caimito tree must've been still and filtering the sun rays. in that very location we light up a candle then chai and i commemorated her birthday.

that was a few years back. and recently, on chai's birthday, we went to Paseo Arsenas and breath in at starbucks. it must be chai's day since the moment that we had our order from the barista our receipt randomly has this lucky space for the code which we need to get from the web page and redeem the receipt for a tall beverage of our choice---and yeah, their treat. ok? that's cool. for that we wave our hands up high and dance infront of the barista..

then we had our toast in their veranda while listening to Cynthia Alexander and Bonnie Pink. Chai would love to smoke but she ran out of sticks. so she tried to rummage through the nearby stalls but to no avail. so she need to go out from the village. good thing she met a friend Glory who fished out two remaining white sticks. Chai later give the other one for me. we cast faint smile on our face as smoke wafted through thin air.

we later proceed to Perpetual Succuor to visit Vera. Chai and i still don't know if vera's still admitted or she might have been discharged out in the hospital. So we're trying to surprise her and at the same time, ourselves. we found, got inside the room 123 and tadah! find vera there. phew.. ok, and the attending doctor drop by and prompt her that she could be discharged from the hospital since she just need to wait for the findings and just continue her medication at home. we celebrate with vera's mom. while savoring the cake, a nurse came by and told us that she's going to remove the IV. it would be my first time to see a person having an IV removed from her vein so i made sure that i got my camera rolling.

time passed by too swiftly, chai needs to go for work so i go ahead and send her off to take a cab. while we're about to go near the exit. we remember what we did few years ago. so we do this: "on your march... get set... go..!"

and run like crazy together.. =)


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