Sunday, September 30, 2007

moon festival

let's go wind riding
chasing a recurrent dream..
infinite shoreline
whaling waves
canopy of stars..
neon lights shimmering thru the night

we lift our arms to the glaring moon
hail to bjork
hail to kerouac
stamping our feet into restlessness

let's celebrate the moon festival..

chai brings forth wheat..
russ have wings
while me got a lamp cage.
we march off towards the shore..
we have some loaf of bread, tapa and dark chocolate
washed it off with wine
we sing songs and and dance under the moonlight

capsulated by the sea

standing facing the infinite shoreline
bjork sang the anchor song
this is our home
this is, our home





kingdaddyrich said...

so you and russ are friends ayt?

salamat po sa pagbisita sa blog ko..

sana ay magbalik balik ka..


ganda ng pics nung angels with the moon.. i wonder kung para san yan..


liyo_denorte said...

positive. im a friend of russ and i feel sacred to be one of his little budha.. hehe. i surely keep on dropping by on ur page. im even in the middle of gathering interesting blogspots and link them on my page... and im quite sure ur page will be added no matter u like it or not.. tadah! =)

"ganda ng pics nung angels with the moon..i wonder kung para san yan"

as the photographer of these pics, one main reason is to capture beauty and froze it to eternity. and beauty need no reason for it to exist. In the other hand, for my models, it's their impetus to posed that way so try ask chai, and russ personally what it means to them having those kind of portrait..

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