Sunday, September 23, 2007

one year old

on september 18th, it marked my first anniversary in the company. after shift i went to my "nativity station" where i sign my contract and would love the idea of crawling like a baby, if it just not because of the agents who are still taking in calls that hinders me to do that. this day also coincides with my farewell to a nonsense crush here in this company (due to the reason that he already became a nuisance to my "oh what a wonderful day" unlike before he's the inspiration for me to go to work..) i would like to end this "walay padulngan.. nga pagbating giatay" since its also officially one year that we see each other since we are sort of wave mates.

just right after my end of shift at 6am, i started what are on my game plan:

** breakfast at mcDO
**trek from GMA 7 to Mahayahay peak and see the sunrise
**do the ritual of writing my crush's name and burn it on top of the mountain..
**then have a body massage

phew.. so that's how i manage to commemorate my official one year in this pseudo career--uhuh!

almost 24 hours widely awake, i tried to reminisce what i've been thru with this call center job. definitely it was one heck of a roller coaster ride.. from application, screening, panel interview, confirmation call, foundation training, another screening, client specs training, nesting and finally taking in gadamn calls.. and of course how can i forget all the laughs, bonding moments and triumphs that we have on this company. the fun fridays, GA dinner and summer/winter escapades that we usually have. somehow one year was worth staying here. and i doubt if i reach the second year since i don't want to neglect the possibility of exploring somewhere else for there will always be a greener pasture across the field. another reason for that would be the fact that most of my colleagues are resigning gradually..

so i better savor the moments while im here and
splatter all those beads of memories,

one of these da'ys,
on a placid lake
under a sakura tree.

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