Saturday, September 22, 2007

one year, three months and please... keep on counting'

skimming thru bite magazine. i tried to check what would be brewing on the upcoming saturday night. it would be our monthsary, so we are so lucky to find out that there will be a choir on that very night.

the invocation and pambansang awit was performed by little children from REACH.. there so cute and fragile to listen to. one of them, whom JUlio and I fond noticing of, is a little girl who didn't sing at all, instead she look at the audience with a face of bewilderment (as what i suppose to think was that she didn't memorize the lyrics so she keep on gaping her mouth as to lip sync and pretend that she's singing with her company) but she really looks cute and vulnerable nonetheless. then there also this two brothers who happen to be "chinoy mestizos" whose voices are so angelic. the younger brother closes his eyes once he sings on his falsetto part.

then the celebrated choir companies: CEbu and REACH singing ambassadors do their rounds for this concert they entitled: Huyohoy

they started with Cebuano old favorite: Usahay. then they warm up with OPM love song entitled: "Minsang lang kita Iibigin".. after that they perform several songs and these are the ones i held my breath on: Bahay, Planting rice is no joke (an english version of "magtanim ay di biro" and "Ako si Rosas Pandan" (am not sure if this title is correct, it reminds me of Mdm. Hermosa pluck her guitar as she fond of singing this piece)

as the concert went on, they hum gospel songs, so full of worship and praises... uhuh'.. then they have this African primitive chant i think or is it Brazilian---i don't know but they have somebody who wear a mardi gras costume. then their finale are musical pieces which are sung mostly by star in a million finalists.. =)

Yen2x.. reunited

after the choir concert. a msge from Yen pops up on my LCD. its from Yen2. she txted me that she will drop by at mcDo jones with her bro. I can't wait to see her again and hug her tight. there's so much that we need to catch up with each other. so when we finally meet we cant stop our chit chat about the updates of her elusive life as a media personnel (she just came from KBP seminar together with Vera ), her newly found sweet heart, and our future get together.. (hmn hmn.. future laag someday..) our reunion didn't last that long. but the heavy cloud of missing her somehow thin out when i finally hugged and had a hearty talk with her (even along the highway). Yen will be back to Dumaguete the morning after we talked. i don't know when we gonna see each other again and when will be the "five" of us be together again.. for now, i keep on writing those whimsical encounters with people whom i keep crossing my fingers on that their paths intertwined with mine..

on love, that we call coffee

Julio and i have this ritual of drinking coffee on our monthsaries ( this time at Bo's ).. as what i posted on my older blogs.. i'm the cream, he would be the sugar.. and we'll be united in the coffee called love.

rage party

its been awhile since Julio and i ramp on clubs with eachother since we usually spent our weekends in his hometown. we went straight to mango square and chilled out at numero doce. I had absolute vodka while he got absolute kurant to lift our "spirits" hehe. before, it is already sosyal to puff black butt and capri cigarettes. but now u can score it from a sidewalk takatak vendor while picking some judge chewing gum. im into house music while julio is into hip hop. so when i find him bored we flew to the nearby club, autobox.

party, party all night long. i saw a fuck buddy before, a gay pay whom i thought a hottie straight (whom i almost had an encounter with but was turned my green lights off when i knew the ulterior motive behind his modus operandi) then had a text message from a long time virtual crush that if we could meet tonight.. but duh.. i shruged it all off, i got my ultimate crush infront of me so what should i ask or lust for more?

we rode a cab home cuddling and make love silently as the whole world went to deep slumber.

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