Thursday, September 13, 2007

post card from yen

friday night and most partyphiles are hitting the city clubs while here i am, crucifying myself for this "rewarding" job. im on my lunch break when i bump with vera and chai who are "dressed" for the night. they wore white tops. chai has this (ala goddess) venus cut plunging neckline while vera clad on sequined shimmery white tank. Friendship aside, i confess they really look lovely.. i flatter them with my compliments but ther scrub it off and rant of not having a "man" that they call their own.. tsk.. okhee.. im suppose to take my lunch here so we perch inside "da vinci's pizza".. after a wee minutes of deliberation on what we order among the white sauced pizza we prompt the service crew with our order: the specialty of the house w/c is "mona liyo" este monaliza haha we laugh about it as the girl dont have the idea why we modify the name of the pizza. as we chat about how fucking good, sad and cruel life is. chai gave me a postcard from yen (whose in dumaguete). She also have one for russ, chai and vera. we are quite amused on what yen wrote as dedication at the back of each postcard. and here's what yen wrote for me:


ako ng girl ha.

Ayaw jud huna-hunaa nga ikaw na.


pero naa man pud ka.ikaw man ang sun. (laughs)

But kung di ka ganahan sa sun pwede pud ikaw ng planet.

love yah always,


as sweet as she is, Yen never fails to extend her wartmth and loveliness --- even how many miles away she is from us. She just never knew how much we would like to squeeeeze her tight' ...One by one first then as always, end it up with a group hug.

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