Monday, September 24, 2007


"i have a funny room # here in perpetual succuor. 123. wala pa exact findings naunsa ko. i suspect it's abusar sa lawas..."

vera sent this message on the night she was admitted in the hospital. im damn worried about her. it so happen that i'm about to drag my butt to the office at that time.. so i can't drop by and check her up. but i promise her that i'll pay her a visit the moment my shift ends. But it so happen that i'm scheduled for endoscopy at that very date and i feel quite nauseated and inform her that i've got to postponed it later that day.

the last time i saw her was she's in her bedroom shrouded with a flower printed blanket as if she tried to get warmed in a cocoon and when i kiss her forehead, she was fiery hot. so now im quite hysterical what had become of her. in the quite corner of my mind, i could imagine vera, bedridden with tubes pricked through her as salinated liquid bombard her with electons or whatever medicine to sustain her and attain homeostasis (thanks Dr. Carvajal, my biology teacher way back in highschool for that term). fragile and vulnerable, she might have just stop struggling and retire for total surrender. let the doctors, the 21st century medication and the murmurs of the in-house hospital nuns recover her.

as i try to find my way towards the room "123" (a faint smile but it is vera's real room number..) i find myself searching along the corridor with rooms shut down with names of patients together with the name of attending doctors posted on. i can't quite imagine how many other patients whose struggling behind those doors to regain full recovery and pay the wooping bills afterwards..

Mdm. Lasam was the one open the door for me and i'm feeling better to see her smile with her black satiny hair radiate with her. Vera could have got her hair from her mother, pure black but instead of satiny, it's a little lack lustre and shaggy at this time. but her face is lively as ever as she animatedly talk about this and that.. we talk and giggle and it brighten up the room then i munch with Mdm. Lasam's special carrot cake which i find myself nibbling with carrot and pineapple shreds.

i withdraw a deep sigh of relief for seing vera getting better. later, somebody knock on the door and we're glad to find out it's russ. so now the three of us talk and catch up what we've been thru lately.

it's an hour before 9pm, time for me to go. as always, vera won't accept "good bye" for a good riddance.. it should always be "see you.."

get well soon our lady in distress.. =)


veraLeigh said...


you were my first visitor :)

liyo_denorte said...

such an honor.. since ur the lady in distress at that time, then i were "Joan of Arc" in black shining armor.. tehee =)

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