Wednesday, September 19, 2007

weekend patrol

somebody told me weekend should always start on saturday. i would like to defy on that. nowadays, weekend starts on friday nights. there so much gigs and party around, that the whole crowd cant wait to let a day pass by. after a long long week of struggling due to life's own pressure, the city is vibrant of individuals bursting into complete scherzo. some are jumping and sing there lungs out infront of a rock star, some are drinking and drowning there hearts while a lady vocalist doing her sentimental ballad. there are also some who masks their own dilemma with their laughter as a stand up comedienne crack his jokes for the nth time and some wash themselves with vodka and fly with laser lights as house music beat their eardrums. while others are contented on puffing cigarette and marvel how smokes swirl on a heavy air.

for that, im always deprived of that 'freaky friday'... 'friday night fever'... 'friday fly day'... since i am catering to my customer's dilemma, who happen to be in the other side of the globe. call it pacific time, mountain, central or eastern standard time, still they are about half day late to our local time. blessed be the beer that i should have been gulping now. kalouy..

but hey just this recent friday night. during my lunch break. my ka-brews are at the outpost. they texted me and tease me to join them. thinkin' that i only have 58 minutes left after i read their msge, i gather the power vested upon me and speed towards the outpost. i hail a motor cycle and be like "tomb raider" and walah'.. just a minute or two im at the place and find myself drinking and giggling with my friends.. cool! savoring the moment and try to party through eternity. and hmn, i cant wait to press my butt to that bean bag that was advertised in BITE magazine.

after that, speed back to the office, be like "tomb raider" again, and i even log in a minute earlier my lunch break is due.. whoa! whatta f***! im still a vigilant agent after that explosive break.




sleep about 5 hours. wake up from a dream (about bjork;2nd time around) and prepare myself for a hosting bluff. and guess what, its for a kiddie party. My colleague's daughter turns one year old and she planned for a kiddie party in their house and she picked me to host the event. the theme was "Dora the Adventurera". Excited for the idea of being with kids again (they are one of my passion) so i have myself a lot of games and pakulo suited for that Spanish animated girl. since im at ease with this scenario, i was able to connect to the kids, become friends with them and did all that silly yet heart melting tasks. they all thanked me with their smile and hugs as the party come to an end. after that i sing along with the videoke machine they brought on their patio.


heavy rain wont stop me from spending my weekend into a higher notch. from kiddie shirt to an ink black polo, i suit myself and made my way to ayala where i met chai for a theater play: "Doon Po sa Amin" Onofre Pagsanghan's acclaimed adaptation of renowned piece "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder. it flashes back on what i saw last time in Bantawan--- as Chai and Vera also became a part of this stage play adaptation of the original version way way years back. As what Chai told me and i do agree, it has the same "heavy feeling" each time the play is about to end when Emily relive (in the midst of the tombs) those moments when she is still alive.

chai went to Turtle's nest, have a meeting with X.O.? and there she will meet russ. as i dropped to asia town i.t. park and grab donuts while walking around with Regina Spektor sighs with her "carbon monoxide" "aquarious" and "ode to divorce"... have dinner, surf the net, then settle at coffee bean/tea leaf and read Murakami.

When i finished my coffee, the crowd is thinning out. slouching alone and uncomfortable with the guard whose eying on my already empty grande sized paper cup. i have this surge of uneasyness and dying to get out of this place, but i already informed chai and russ that i will just wait here and thinkin they're probably about to come. so i keep on burrying my nose on my paperback and stayed. on that same moment, a net acquaintance txted me that he's in the Loft and he's half drunk. txted him back that im just sitting nearby from where he is. the possibility of meeting for the first time with this guy is as pressing as the barista wait for a new customer to drop by. an echo a stain.

midnight comes..

at last chai and russ together with his buddy arrived. we chat, munch on white toblerone and blueberry muffins. russ and i have this "walang kamatayang" discussion about bjork. we talk animatedly about her performance, her rawness, her videos, and how visceral she is. i even told him that i dreamt about her again earlier and he was saddened to know that in my dream, he wasn't able to watch her live due to parental constraint. hmn.. tsk2.. still that was 'just' a dream or rather that was --bjork! in my dream! how vivid it was on my dream how she perform and i feel her nearness to the extend i could feel her breath, i smell her sweat. for both russ and i, she's totally a living legend. an echo a stain.

another msge receive. *im heading there * apple green polo, khaki trousers * ...ok, comming * black polo, dark tight jeans *
a three minute passerby. three minutes on how to say my casual spiel. a three minute to made up my mind not to hook up with this guy. exactly three minutes and im back with my friends. a three minute taming.

again, russ (while his buddy is half asleep on his shoulder) and i talk, while chai immersed herself on what she's reading..

.. Sunday


pack my things up. meet my colleagues in IT park and hit down south. we're heading towards Moalboal.


put my goggles on and don my rash guard (given by Julio) we snorkel on the vast array of corals and sea creatures.

dusk about to swallow the sun..

more than 24 hours on the move, i still manage to go to Danao and experience their annual fiesta with Julio.

here ends another weekend.

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