Thursday, September 06, 2007

while your asleep

your body lay naked
in the canopy of sheets
gently i squeezed in
to be cuddled and kept warm
steady breathing make your chest
raise up and sink back again
while my blood goes from lowtide to hightide
musty; your skin smells of old log,
heavy yet hazy.
without inhibition, my eyes wander
through the physical landscape of yours.
doing so,
it cast a faint smile on my face.

I let your arms wraped around me
'til my limbs go numb.
bodies congruent to eachother
head to foot, chest to chest;
through this, my heart could
freely resonate love spells with yours.

let me whisper on your ears then.
let me speak the language
that only few can dare speak of.
am not shy this time,
nor feeling timid.
so let me gently squeezed in
to be cuddled and kept warm---
while your asleep.

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