Wednesday, October 10, 2007

another one turns me to dust!

another Murakami knocks me down. Sputnik Sweetheart could be one of his pieces that turn me nuts. there's something intangible and surreal about this book that makes me twist and swirl. there are times that i forgot all tasks that i planned for the day, get lost track of time, and unable to grasp what really matters.

i sip thru Sumire's obscurity. the idea of loneliness, alienation and the incapability of expressing oneself to a person that you love provokes me. my mug got streaks with telltale stains, layer by layer they entangle with eachother, glazing on the exterior of the ceramic mug---a wonderful mess i must say.

reading through this makes me ponder , until i evaporate and float in the midst of thin air. as Laika (ang walang ka muwang-muwang na aso), the first orbital casualty, will always stare on the eternal vacuum beyond and transcend to the idea that how, at most times, insignificant human feeling is.

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