Monday, October 29, 2007

the ongoing search for madness and beauty

Cebu is undeniably one of the melting pot for the arts. it's like little "Paris" (only stripped off with dazzling city lights and grandeur) but nonetheless, Cebu reaches its hands to different form of art. May it be fine arts, performance arts, literary, visual (e.g. film, etc) music, architecture and designing. there are some cebuano extraordinaire who already carved their name in the international scene. Let say for furniture: there's Kenneth Cobonpue . For music: Amapola Cabase, then Lakambini A. Sitoy for literary..and many unstrung Cebuano morale up lifters.

last Saturday, im quite lucky to witness a fashion designing competition, CYDC (Cebu Young Designers Competition). Chai and i happen to have a common friend, Harvey Cenit, who made it to the final seven (out of the 30 something that was eliminated, *am not sure..) and gave us an almost front row seat. dressed in self-made victorian inspired (chiffon ruffles) suit, the atmosphere and the people around made our entrance kinda dramatic (as chai also clad into her black mini backless dress, with intricate beadwork---elegant..) . and im quite caught off guard when an anonymous crush, who wore a
*celio black/gray stripe sweatshirt, look straight at me in the sea of strangers (ala Baz Luhrman's Romeo and juliet scene) duh, lets not talk about that.

to name a few,
Monique Lhuillier , Jun escario , and Carrie Santiago have paraded their works both on local and international catwalks, these artists gone through stages, reaching their goals step by step--- sweat by sweat. these exceptional people in the field of fashion, also started as a young dreamer---once; with a fuel of hardwork and a whole pot of talent, they're brewing something that keeps the industry awaken.

now, one of our national organization (e.g. PAGCOR), see the potential of Cebu as one of the centre for fashion industry aside from the metropolitan. thus giving birth for CYDC. to continue the line up of promising Cebuano designers on the high wire world of fashion---exposing them gradually to the demanding global market. that day was CYDC's third year, three years of giving recognition for young designer aspirants. Unfortunately our dear friend didn't bag the grand award. it went to Lord Maturan whose works are fusion of classic filipiƱana and the modern romantic rock culture that is very visible to the "x generation", hence making a step forward in Filipino fashion without losing its identity. quite impressive.

this event will surely create a ripple for the ongoing search for madness and beauty. to the organizers, esteemed judges, and the participants of this event--- saludo ko..

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