Friday, October 19, 2007

constant variable


constant variable.


you're my constant variable.
with you
everything make sense again

you are my constant variable.
no matter how shattered i am
-frustrated with liaisons
and prospective hook ups.
crumbling with broken heart,
you're the one who keeps me up

you're my constant variable.
i'm not a perfect number
in terms of staying faithful with
i got extra decimals that you might not comprehend
but u stay as it is. consistent.
u combine with me your electrons
keep me safe within your nucleus.
now, both you and i
become a single element

you are my constant variable.
childish and confused
my naiveness makes me fumble.
a strife---
i blabber how it is
to climb up and tumble.

you're always there
you bring back the pieces
you make me whole.

you're my constant variable

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