Saturday, October 06, 2007

could anybody sing me a lullaby'

its not usual for me to struggle to sleep.. im always a follower of Amanda Griffin's 8 hour rule. after end of shifts, i usually eat, take shower, and sleep. occasionally, if i got a lot of bothersome thoughts swirling on my head then that's the time i got instances of insomnia and the only remedy for that is to switch on the computer, and type those thoughts and drown them on my screen.

insomnia (characterized as: restlessness, twist and turns in bed, ever wandering soul) usually lasted 2-4 antagonizing hours struggling to sleep. what happened to me earlier is far more than insomnia. far more than trying to sleep. because i couldn't sleep at all. maybe one of the reason is that: earlier, my boyfriend keeps on snuggling as im fetus style underneath my blankets, he: just newly woke up by then and me: still about to sleep from graveyard shift.

but he already left to Danao 3 hours ago and still im awake. "fine..." let me download some already long due pictures while launching youtube at the same time. minutes passing by.. hours.. hours after another.. never a yawn escapes from my jaw. i said: Lord, let me sleep. and quite surprise that my last muttered prayer was ages ago since this desperate yearn to have some sleep.

it will be quite ok if it so happen that its weekend, but hell no, its still friday and i have work this 12 midnight. plus the idea of partying before my shift starts also allures me.

feeling desperate and sort of a loser. i go back to my room and have my 3rd attempt to sleep after nonsense web browsing to a turtle paced internet in our next door cafeteria. thinkin' 5 hours of sleep would be fine for me so i set my alarm on my phone at 7pm. but i got this message from vera:

"you need to wake up! It's Cine Europa. Im already with russ in ayala.."

eyes popping up, instead of going to alarms option, i course thru message option and key in a reply instead.


entering Onstage (Ayala Cebu) i flew a recognizing smile to the art council of Cebu genuine members and request for the Cine Europa list of schedules/synopsis of renowned movies from 17 European countries.. i keep on collecting them since highschool.. here's the shot of my collection on my scrapbook.. this means so much to me and it gives me a certain elation on keeping this annual tradition.

failed to search for vera and russ in the dark balcony, i settled just a seat right beside the center aisle. the first entry i catch up with was a movie from Czech Republic: Kolya.. its a story of a bachelor musician who happen to go through unexpected events in his life that changes the way he sees life in a new different perspective.

vera, russ and i met after the movie, roughly 20mins intervals before the nex movie will be rolled, we chat and munch some goodies, then we see the next scheduled movie.. this time an entry from Germany entitled Summer in Berlin.

russ needs to perform for an exhibit opening in an art gallery in SM (Habwa) where Vera and I luckily catch him do the performance.

vera and i have this once in a bluemoon heart to heart talk again. she gave me a limited edition pin of cine europa w/c she got directly from the art council and i gave her a gift certificate from starbucks w/c i had from having a "wow call" recently in our company. =) all smiles.. then we met a friend who happened to be a professional photographer named Ralph (whose responsible for the shot chai posted on her blogger headings of which i always look with envy.. hehe), then chai also came over. we later proceed to Bo's and we have this interesting discussion about scars, capability to inflict pain, skinny dipping experiences, and art films. some of the films that we discuss about are "
Shortbus", "Cube" and Filipino best films of all times: "Magnifico" and "Oro Plata Mata" ..of which the former is directed by Peque Gallaga (whom i personaly met several years ago and had an autograph/message that he wrote: "try to find the beauty that was lost in the world") .

for the record, its more than 24 hours that im awake since i wrote this. then i'll be awake for another 12 hours for my graveyard shift work that makes me a freaking walking zombie. so far, this will surpass the sleepless in Dumaguete that i had had. Waaah....' i'll be starting counting sheeps right now!


jac velasco said...

saludo jud ko nimo Yo!!! NagCOllect jud diay kag souvenirs sa Cine Europa.... Tsk!! Wala sad ko ana dah!

liyo_denorte said...

ei Jac.. sayanga wla ta nag abot dah' ..i saw Faith, Dulce and some FASO peeps during the three day film festival. =) weeeh' u know na me; im into collecting stuffs and pin them down on my scrapbook as a collection of random,fragmented memories.. i even collect a mere piece of junk from a simple yet special event how much more the glossy pamphlets from cine europa. =)

kingdaddyrich said...

independent film makers ba kayu ni russ russ?

liyo_denorte said...

nope.. we wish we are, but russ and i are into performance art. chai, vera and yen had their experience of creating indie film way back in their college years.

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