Monday, October 15, 2007

drifting through Olango

went to the shore one early morning. low tide. i follow the pathway through the mangroves. my body as tense as a cat's tiptoed through muddy sands, believing and expecting to find an open sea. i feel like sir Charles Darwin, having his first step on the Galapagos island. step by step i wade thru shallow water, observing the vast colony of living organisms around as im getting nearer and nearer the boundary that seperates the coast from the mangrove forest. i caught a glimpse of a school of fry, which u could not determine what specie of fish soon they’re going to be, since most of them looks alike when they’re young. however, one of the fry looks quite interesting, it doesn’t have a tail, it has wide fins instead at its sides--making it looks like a swimming minute zeppelin , while observing, it tries to take refuge in a hole, but all of the sudden, an anonymous predator who happen to live in that same hole grab the innocent fry and ate it alive. oh.. as what chai put it: "a food chain is happening in front of your very eyes". sad but its a fact. its a dog eat dog out there.

wishing i had a cam right now. only if i bring with me my charger, then my camera phone could have been fully charged, snapping pictures here and there. so i better save it as mental picture and sketch it when i came back.

on my "sea shore safari" i also caught an attractive sand crab. a huge catfish trapped in shallow water. a mystical ghost shrimp burying on the sand. a couple of angel fish. a teeny weenie sea urchin which i carefully pick and let it dance on my palm. and the most remarkable of all: are the innumerable swaying brittle stars. they look like a congregation of worshippers giving praises to the sacred current. a plethora of sea weeds and corals make their habitat to be more of an intergalactic seascape. such an explosion of colors: engine red, electric blue, saffron, glaring yellows and cascade of greens and intoxicating purple. teem with diverse organisms---Olango could still be surrounded with untainted waters. and for the life of me, i wonder how many other sea creatures that i haven't laid my eyes on yet.

from ankle deep to knee high water, i saw a threatening jelly fish with neon sided tentacles, it drifts its 98% water body composition into the current. plus a view of sea eel posed for an attack cringe me to go back ashore. like an egret flying back to its nest, i went to the wharf and ride towards the cemetery where Miss Bambi's beach house located nearby. i feel the salty air dampen my cheeks, it soaks me with past memories that i had when i was in Bantayan. squint eyed. reminisce. a quantum voltage run through my spine. i guess such acts need to be done once in awhile. to keep me normal. to keep me humble on the brink of uncertainties and let me realize that there are still so much more to bask, to dance and to live with.

i draw a deep sigh.

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