Saturday, October 27, 2007

i declare cold war

unite all your wisp around
let them gather wood and stones
let them build you a magical fortress.

position your archers and canoneers
to guard you on air and on land

train all your warriors
let them learn all the tactics
from the ancient lore

and when you're ready
just wave a red flag on the
grimly cloud

then i'll rush
like a snow queen
pulled by an herd of polar bears

instead of arrows,
axes and canon balls
i'll blew cold air toward your stronghold
i don't demand blood from your people
i want to see them suffer internally
may their veins constrict
and their heart fail to beat due to hypothermia

i'll sing melancholic songs
and let their eyes welled up with tears
i want to hear them wailing,
murmuring their vespers 'til the crack of dawn
shrouding their faces with grief

i'll let your kingdom coated with calamity
unless you break this curse that you bestowed upon me
unless you thaw my heart from being frozen
and by then, i'll melt for you and for your people

i'll raise my arm and be with thee
since i subsist on your embrace
and by then, i'll shine with fulfillment

but for now, you still don't show forgiveness
you didn't cease pouring November rain
my lungs are mourning,
and my heart drowned in despair.

for that,
i declare cold war.


kingdaddyrich said...

yeah, the weathers gettin cold...



out of topic
yeah, gustong gusto ko talaga mag sulat sa mga diyaryo.. early highschool pa ata ako nang huli akong magsulat for a school newspaper...


i linked yu sir liyo!

john be anonymous said...

wow, if this is an original, you are so good. I wish I could write poem :(. Good luck with everything. I'll link this blog, this is too good to be not noticed. :)

liyo_denorte said...

ei mr john and your majesty, kingdaddy.. im amused u folks tide by here on my shore.. all post here are all original (unless if it's tagged with the name of the author, then it's not mine..)---these are the result of drinkin too much tanduay... (laughs) anyhow, it will be my honor to link my blogspot on ur respective pages.. salute =)

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