Friday, October 19, 2007

what is your symbol?

we got more or less an hour of avail time since there are some newbies in our account. its all for the preparation for the tax form season by the end of this year (which i doubt if im still around at that moment..) call volume will rise to its peak during those times when accountants in the U.S. bombard us with tax discrepancies and troubleshooting payroll forms. got this msPaint work on my desktop as i try to keep myself from getting bored. aside from swirls i love doing this icon which i incorporate "eye" into a "sun" (which looks like an octopus in the eye of other audience, which i persist that its a sun, ok? :) ) i already done a lot of version of it. and this time i use cool hues instead of warm. i consider this icon as a symbol for awakening.

digging through the ideas that might support my symbol, i came up with these findings: in ancient Egypt, the famous eye of Horus which confers wisdom, health and prosperity.. and at the same time renewal. in Japan the sun goddess Amaterasu was somehow correlated with the red disc in Japanese flag, and the solar deity play great importance on bringing back peace, warmth and compassion for those who worshipped her.

i always use this symbol as an attachment artwork or alternative for postscript when snail mail was still not out of date. i also use it as a signature or a marking for good riddance.

here's a link of my previous works:

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