Tuesday, November 27, 2007

beyond the horizon

it is said that angels gather each time the sun is about to rise and during sunsets. however they can't feel anything or they can't comprehend how it is like to embrace the piercing light. in that sense then, we should consider ourselves lucky when we feel the warm glow in our cheeks every time the centre of our solar system is about to manifest its greatness beyond the horizon.

that is why I love sunrise and sunsets.. when we still had our hometown in Bantayan island, I usually take my coffee by the seashore. waking up my senses by the sweet bitterness of coffee and the whimsical roar of the waves while basking the warmth of the sun. when I was 12; just recently consider MTV as my favourite channel and my walkman as my constant companion, I climb up on our rooftop and listen to "The Corrs" at dusk. travelling would be much better if the sun is trying to peek from your window (it could be in the bus, ship, airplane..) and see it just newly woke up from slumber, or trying to rest from shining all day long.

I feel that my affinity with sunrise and sunset is closely related to the ever changing of my state of being. there is a constant change of gear of the speed on how I propel towards life. the inconsistent zest for meaning and purpose, the need to shine and the inevitable calmness of being shaded out with absurdity. The magnified silence, which requires stillness and total surrender. The placid soul that counts the waves of a single droplet. the power of dying and the glory of rebirth. each time I see the sun bleeds at the moment it sets or it rises, there is this feeling of purification and renewal. it might be paganism but that's how I consider the blinding presence of the sun, it drawn me to be with him, smile with him and dance with him.

later on, I might walk across a different horizon. I might step on foggy mountains rather than salty shores. I might see the sun being swallowed by a landscape instead of an advancing sea. From island to island, from one continent to another. Nevertheless, the sun will always follow me; it will always try to impress me. we always be together, after noontime and especially after the darkest hour.

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