Friday, November 09, 2007


this year is quite calm. it's as calm as i welcome the first sunrise of 2007 in Panglao. it seems that everything just settled down into places..

Vera and i reconciled from being separated from sourly silence sometime late summer. so with russ. although we might tried to ignore the fact that we had misunderstandings in the past but it "happened" and it was resolved. chai had this "shining moments" in the metropolitan that Manila keep her from us. then lately Yen was assigned in Dumaguete but we crossed waters to be with her.. the need for each other among the five of us is adherent as two opposing poles of a magnet. so we always end up together, interconnected.

Julio and I are just fine, we have cat fights every now and then but we end up crazy for each other. my sexual conquest have gone slow paced since im quite contented with the one im constantly with and how he manage my hormones. we're turning 1 year and a half this coming December.

my work became so familiar yet a pain in the ass that it stir the hell out of me specially a customer complain about a tax discrepancy on her Federal Form. my colleagues are quite cool, and they're fun to be with but there are times that my voice fade out when i start talking about art. my company crush who once an inspiration become a stabbing pain in the heart every time i got weird moments with him who happen to be a darn straight guy.

my family in Bantayan are ok, and it is inevitable that i need to sacrifice some things for my family specially with my younger brothers. the mere idea of doing some things for your loved ones is quite an accomplishment. i dream of having reunion in a soon to be rest house by the beach with my folks someday.

i've traveled some unknown territories, finished several books that will always leave me swooning. movies and theater plays that will always be recalled. find comfort with strangers. the relentless craving to be with my own shadow and find my existence.. i'm filled with unbearable lightness for my cup of memories.

i'm always be grateful and can't help but smile for being so damn lucky.

..there comes sunday then monday, then it will be not sooner when December will end. a forgotten author carved a line on my mind: embering comes from the experiences you fed into ur fiery days and recollecting all that was consumed by our fading memories. October, November, December.. a season that will turn everything into ember. but i know, beyond this realm of tranquility, embers will not yet turn into ashes, instead, it will turn gradually ---into flames.

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