Tuesday, November 06, 2007

a lone glimmer in the dusk

walking under a cloudless sky at 4am. chilly wind coming from north eastern continents, it's getting colder as December about to blow winter wind. i should have sipped a warm cup of tea instead of mocha freeze in the pantry. have this mild shiver as i hear dried fallen twigs break underneath my soles, I keep on walking until such a distance where the sky posed naked from city towers.

i find myself transfixed with this scene. a sparkling star gazing at the moon. its about daybreak so most of the stars might have shut themselves to sleep and yet this one, might have been Venus, still sparkling as if trying to grab the attention from the moon. i stood for few minutes to absorb the scene. my eyes, my body keep still, yet my heart beats for this astronomical phenomena. might have the goddess of the celestial plane gave favor for this star to be located in congruent with the moon once in thousand lightyears and yet be cursed with the unbearable torture of seeing the moon from a distance since there will be no chance that they collide with eachother. my heart beats for the star that keep on gazing towards the moon---for eternity. did the star realize that she is a star, a luminous ball of plasma, a domineering object across the galaxy--- a star of the universe. yet she feel brittle and awestruck from the borrowed light of the moon.

i hate to realize that i always see myself as the star. as i always failed to grasp my total value. i failed to realize that i'm always be a star that could keep on shining throughout the darkest hour. yet as Yvaine, the falling star character in Stardust, said that star can't shine as it should be if it has a broken heart.

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