Tuesday, December 04, 2007


this word comes out in the finals of The National spelling bee in the U.S.. a 5th grader stand up in front of the judges, he clutch his hand to steady himself as he ask probing questions regarding the word.

"Repeat the word please..", "Origin of the word please..", "Usage in the sentence please".. until he finally decided to spell out the given entry. A-R-A-N-E-I-F-O-R-M

he got it right, the whole audience applauded the young contestant as he beam in front of the camera where his image was filtered and broadcast through cable network unto my TV screen.


I know this will happen, as I clutch my hands on my orb web of issues. one snap, and the whole network of burdens will collapse and leave me falling in mid air.

I wonder why this happening to me right now. I'm used to deal with issues of my own. I used to fade my whole self out into my obscured existence. Now, every little thing connects and depends on me. Every reason is clear, as hard as steal and yet could be easily snapped. What if I decided to be completely vanish. What if, like a spider, draw its initial thread to be carried by the wind until it adheres to a formidable surface and migrate at once. As always, a spider will create a new web of its own and settle temporarily for good. That's right, since my current web is not my own, so I cant thread on it as I please to do so. I cannot unravel things that are not created by my own mess.

This is the time to spell araneiform.


Chai said...

hi ley. we're a bunch of lost kids. don't worry. dungan bitaw ta'g kawala.

Aside from being my Cheshire Cats,
we could be the Lost Boys on an adventure. pawewewewng.

veraLeigh said...

na-uh, no dying.
no dying.
patyon gyud tika basta magpalumos ka.

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