Friday, December 21, 2007

minced onions

sitting by a cafeteria, i see xmas rush through the misty glass wall:

  • a peddler selling animated inflated toys.
  • a town kid clutching on his father's polo while bringing a basket, inside a "manok bisaya" popping its head as it seems seeing the city for the first time.
  • two old hags holding hands as they approach a younger girl ug nangayog pinaskohan, the girl who happen to wear a grass green layered dress, fish out for her les sportsac purse and hand on the random gift with a smile.
  • students both from Banilad Elementary school and Bright Academy bring their wrapped presents for their exchanging gifts.

when travelling, i usually pack things in a hurry, inevitably i forget the small yet important ones:

  • mobile charger
  • undies
  • slippers
  • and toothbrush

i broke up with Julio, two days prior to our 18th monthsary, too bad we end up sooner than i expected to be. the reason behind the break up is as sudden as a candle wick burnt out as all the wax has already evaporated. details would be unnecessary.

on my playlist:

  • diana krall - autumn leaves
  • the carpenters - solitaire, goodbye to love
  • alanis morissette - no presuure over capucinno
  • all saints - black coffee
  • dido - here with me
  • damien rice - blower's daughter
  • coldplay - the scientist

i usually don't smoke. the only time i crave for a puff would only be when i'm drunk of beer and need to sober up. no offense, but i detest for those who smoke in "non smoking" area and always toying with the idea of smashing the signage on their face. but recently, i'm seeing this guy who happen to consume more or less 1 pack a day.

about three years ago, i'm too late and too drenched to attend a class. instead of going straight to my classroom i keep on walking on the wave pavement and head towards the admin bldg, climb up on the last floor unto an open patio. my bones are shivering but i feel comfort with its emptiness and contented with the sound of the door knob clicked as i lock it behind me. then impulsively i squat down, bury my face on my folded arms and wept. for some weird reasons, i miss doing that.

i find these chores therapeutic:

  • cleaning the toilet bowl
  • doing the laundry
  • mincing garlic and onions

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