Wednesday, December 12, 2007


post midnight and undeniably it is full moon, Chai woke me up and told me: "ikaw na Ley.."

still groggy and light headed, I climb up the stairs that lead to Bambi's room. illuminated with candle light, ms. Bambi simply squat on her mat where her tarot cards lay bare on its red silk wrapping. I was the last person in the queue for her once in awhile tarot reading session " put your hands on the cards and think about your query that you want to ask the cards to tell you"

one claimed that the word "tarot" originates from the Egyptian word "Tar" means royal and "ro" means road, thus Tarot represents as a "royal road" to wisdom. Although it became quite unsure if it really originate from ancient Egypt or in ancient India but one thing for sure is that the first documented deck was painted in fifteenth century Italy.

this would be my first time to experience tarot reading and I’m very much mystified with the belief that at this moment we can gain insight into the current and possible future situations that I will go through. So I put my hands on the cards, which I felt it has a life and consciousness of its own, and whisper in my head the desire of my heart.

Ms. Bambi then instruct me to cut the stack of cards into two then she lay all the cards for me to pick of which she later spread my chosen cards into a Celtic Cross. From then on she unravel each deck's interpretation and how it signifies to my past, present and future situations.

She smiled and declared that my cards are in favor with my fate. It speaks so loud to me that night and very much pleased that I let my query and inner self infused into its divinity. I can still remember clearly the decks that showed up. Out of 9 major decks that I picked I can recall 8.

but then, as a usual twist of a wonderful plot as should be, there are some obstacles that I might encounter and sure enough I will end up with overflowing cup. As miss Bambi assured me, u got the queen of swords; u got what it takes to overcome them all.

while my eyes are still glowing with amazement, I exit out from ms. Bambi's room, went downstairs and slept dreamlessly.

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