Thursday, December 13, 2007

work = fun = work < fun = ding!

To whom it may concern:


In lieu of my absence in November 30, 2007 shift with a corresponding incident report from a fellow colleague sited me in a bar that night. I would like to cite some details of the bigger picture of what transpired.

It's Friday night and 2 of my close friends (both of them happen to work in day schedules) invited me over for nightlife escapade. Since my schedule would be still at 1:00 am, I didn't hesitate to bond with them. I set my alarm clock at 12:45 midnight and enjoy my remaining time before my shift starts. One of the TOIC of our program did see me and we recognize each other’s presence. It was around 12:30 at that time so I am not alarmed seeing her and I'm still determined to work that night.

But it was a huge mistake for my part that I didn't look after what I’m drinking, I ordered some cocktails but also took some shots offered by a nearby clubbers. I failed to notice how time passed by and was dinged to find out that my phone already had 3 miscalls from my TL and my alarm is long since overdue. I did text my TL if I could still report for duty even if I'm late, but later I realized I’m quite too drunk to work. Thinking that I will surely commit level 3 (according to our company COC) if I still pursue to work, I decided to be absent and settle for a lesser offense.

I'm aware that there will be some exemplary sanctions for this incident and I am very much open to any litigations and required disciplinary actions for my misconduct.

Sincerely yours,

Liyo Denorte

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