Thursday, January 31, 2008

31 days

it started going to Siquijor just to see the first sunrise of 2008. I found myself speaking with the locals and learned what to believe and what not about the mystical island from them. seek solace from lonely beaches and washed off the impurities of the previous year by plunging my miry soul into the Cambughaw falls.

Then spent a day in Dumaguete to visit Yen in her new home with her new heart. Russ and I happen to met a person who we thought a great catch but we remain cool when we realize he is just a great companion. We sip coffee at Cafe Maria and spot a hot Caucasian strolling along the boulevard. A naughty smile painted across our faces.

2008, it is a new beginning. 2 + 0 + 0 + 8 = 10 In numerology there's only 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0. original numbers should not repeat itself. so 2008 is going back to zero. going back to scratches.

so i plan to do something for this year. to do something relevant and if not a breakthrough but at least a sort of breaking free.

so i quit from my work, after staying one year and four months in the company. Staying more than a year in one company, same group of people, same environment is quite a while. I built good working relationships with my colleagues, i knew my cms log in and password by heart, and my locker is my constant closet. In short the company became a part of my system for all this time. If not due to ailment i might have done good riddance to my co worker and seeing my company crush for the very last time, but what happen is i just vanished like a wisp of smoke by an air ventilation in a posh restaurant. But it doesn't matter. In the end it's the same thing --- i resigned.

That was January 15th.

Then Sinulog came, meet new faces. Julio and i had a heated argument. Supah drunk alot of times. Flirted, hooked up, then break up with a couple of old time crushes. I also had a 15 minutes conversation while walking over a cold drink with a banker who work in a prestigious bank in Makati. both of us thought we are in our first step of courtship but its just plain curiosity that run through our veins. It end up me saying: It's nice to meet you.

I had my first ultra sound images of my internals, 3 tubes of blood gathered from my left arm and spill some urine for lab tests. I had a liver problem. Hey, I'm a health conscious freak! I do exercise, i watch what i eat and take vitamins. i take care of my health more than i take care of my baby girl (hehehe kidding i just wish i have one)--- i felt betrayed by my own body.

So i had a lot of time for myself as i undergo recovery. I read Murakami's Wild Sheep Chase, i also have his "Wind-up Bird Chronicle" I'm recently on the 2nd book of the trilogy, then a short story entitled "All God's Children Can Dance" which i finished in just few minutes inside Powerbooks. So i have enough literary insulin after all those reads.

Moreover, i spent the last week of my first month in Bohol with Julio. His great grandma died at the age of 101. It's seeing a century old woman put into rest after series of civilization came to her wake. We stayed 5 days in Calape. We also visited one of the oldest church in the country: Baclayon Church. Stroll around Island City Mall at Tagbilaran and bump through tourist filled mall. After the burial, at last we had a proper intercourse.

After not seeing my insulin providers (Russ, Chai , Vera, Yen) for a long time. i got this desperate need to see them again. I first met Vera, then Russ. We played word games and laugh 'til our stomach hurts at Turtle's. We're suppose to meet chai but my night turns sour specially when a French guy who don't have a Filipino culture traced in his DNA meddle with my family dillema. But we happen to meet Chai at Kukuk's where she spill the beans. After everything-will-be-alright-hugs and rub at the back i couldn't help but smile. They're more than anything to me. They are my home. My anchor.

Now, as i'm about to end my first month of 2008, my body aches due to last night's performance. But my soul aches more for its own adventures and unfathomable journey. I still can't fully grasp those things that happened. but I will always stay as a wanderer. Relentlessly searching.

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