Thursday, January 10, 2008

5 misscalls and a pack of happy peanuts

on my way out from work, got 5 misscalls from veruschka.

liyo: vera! Asa ka?!

veruschka: balay

liyo: When pka duty vera leigh lasam? Anha ko dha? Log out nku..

veruschka: gawas ko sa balay 2pm

liyo: Ok.. tag movie na..

veruschka: i'm buying food what do you want.

liyo: Happy! Happy peanuts!

veruschka: Bigger, im n countrymall

liyo: Den the whole pack.. I insist for happy peanuts... i'm sad and at lost

veruschka: Ok. I found ur happy now. Even looking for that happy is difficult. We're all perpetualy being played upon by whatever cosmic god there is.

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