Thursday, January 17, 2008


around 70% of my possessions are made up of paper.

i got tons of notebooks, wads of papers, receipts, high school letters, workshop sheets, unfinished poetry drafts, sketches, old artworks, journals, letters from my parents and long since gone friends and acquaintances. I have envelope fill of school forms, application letters, subject prospectus, form 5, and registrar's copies of so and so..

also keep a variety of magazines, reader's digests, novels, old newspaper clippings, a suicidal note from my father and two dusty yet new looking bible.

i sort the stuff need to be kept and those that needs to be burned. as i open one of my mini notebook from papemelroti i read on some of the line that my nonsense confusion struck me way way back then. On one of the random page there's one thing that caught my eye:

a razorfish bookmark!

hey, that was summer 5 years ago that i caught this upside down swimming fish when i tried to make it as a pet yet wasn't able to survive.. this one sort of saddened me so i want to keep it and use it as a bookmark. it is half a decade ago since i'm able to preserve this weird looking yet an amazing creature.

i slowly put it back and closed my mini notebook.

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