Wednesday, January 16, 2008

bring us to where the flowers are

flower beds in our minds, the three of us: Vera, Russ and I ride towards the higher altitudes. After the ride we found ourselves lost in a well made-up village...

at lost and don't know where to go, we're desperate for an informant until we found a "taho" vendor. We order the taho without the saccharine syrup and the sago and plainly ask for directions where to find all the flowers in the world.

so and so..

we went to the habal-habal terminal and ask the drivers:

"bring us to where the flowers are"

the thing is, i wasn't able to take pictures of the flower fields. we just passed them by... and this is just one that certain moments that your consumed with the magnificent experience that you just want to savor it with your senses.

thus, no flower beds captured by my camphone..

instead we have poetry reading by the bridge, a ceremonial commemoration of a departed friend and a magnificent bond...


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